Parliament condemns killings in Syria

Yesterday I moved a motion in Parliament on Syria, which was passed unanimously. It read:

“That this House condemn the shooting of peaceful demonstrators in Hama and other Syrian cities and call upon the Syrian Government to enter into a serious national dialogue to chart a transition to democratic government.”

New Zealand now joins the growing international voice against escalating violence by the Assad government. So far there have been statements from the European Union, President Obama, the UK Foreign Secretary , the Hague, and today the UN Security Council.

Human rights groups have reported the shooting in Hama by the Syrian authorities killed 140 people. It is important we maximise international pressure on the regime to end the violence against peaceful protesters, and its responsibilities under international law, and also demonstrate our support for peaceful change and the Syrian people’s call for genuine democratic reform.

Last Saturday I joined a march called by the Auckland Syrian community calling for freedom in their homeland. Since March, when protests began in Syria, up to 2,000 peaceful demonstrators have been killed, 6,000 injured, 8,000 are missing and 20,000 imprisoned.

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  1. About time, shame there has been silence about Syria (unlike some others) throughout the 40 years of the Assad nepotistic dictatorship, or is the fact the West never had anything to do with propping it up a bit of a blind spot? The Assad personality cults and totalitarian Ba’athist rule were always far more oppressive than the Mubarak regime, yet suddenly it’s time to protest?

  2. We should be proactive condemning these acts of violence in any time or place. A leader is not to be worshipped but is to make sure his people are happy and not miserable. Imagine being in a peaceful protest looking around to find a few people killed around you! Just disturbing in deed..

  3. keith…cd i sk you again why you will not respond to questions around yr support of the cia-run operation to unseat gadaffi..?

    you have got that so so wrong keith..(as have many others on the left..)

    ..and your refusal to address these questions just reeks of hubris..

    ..on your part..

    ..not a good look/epilogue…eh..? i guess if you continue to not answer…

    ..i’ll just keep on

    (here is a primer for you…)


  4. Well that’s it then, I’m sure that Assad is looking for an exit strategy as I type following this condemnation. This motion probalby rocked him only slightly less than the UN condemnation.

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