Kevin Hague talks to Pasifika on ACC privatisation

Last week, Green ACC spokesperson Kevin Hague and Pasifika lawyer Amelia Saafi were interviewed on Pacific Viewpoint, a programme broadcast on Triangle/Stratos.

The interview is 27 minutes long, but it’s well worth a watch to see Kevin and Amelia expose the Government’s economy with the truth in manufacturing a “crisis” in ACC in order to justify enriching overseas-owned insurance companies to the detriment of ordinary New Zealanders who have the misfortune to suffer a work accident.

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  1. Thank you Toad, for the Wikipedia quote confirming that Kevin and Phil are using ‘privatisation’ in “a broader sense”, and not being as precise or as accurate as one would expect from an elected representive.

  2. @Misanthropic Curmudgeon 2:23 PM

    According to Wikipedia:

    Privatization is the incidence or process of transferring ownership of a business, enterprise, agency or public service from the public sector (the state or government) to the private sector (businesses that operate for a private profit) or to private non-profit organizations. In a broader sense, privatization refers to transfer of any government function to the private sector – including governmental functions like revenue collection and law enforcement.

  3. Both Kevin and Jackal appear concerned at being called on the incorrect use of ‘privatisation’ of ACC, with Jackal being particularly agreived and dishing out the insults.

    The simple fact is that emotive overuse of factually incorrect terms only isolates you both, and means your message is consigned to as noise to the dustbin.

    By using a word asossciatted with sale (like ‘privatisation’ is w.r.t state assest, as a function of the reforms), you are infering ACC is being sold. That is misleading and wrong. ACC is being opened up to competition (for better or worse) and is not being sold. It is not being privatised.

  4. It must be difficult sometimes being all diplomatic like… Sometimes it feels pretty good just to say “you bunch of bloody liars!”

    Just because Nick Smith doesn’t use the term privatisation, doesn’t mean that’s exactly what National is attempting to do.

    “Kenin is erred.” Is that some sort of RWNJ code?

  5. It seems to me that when a service that has been entirely provided by a state agency is, at some later time, provided in significant part by private companies, “privatisation” (or partial-privatisation if you like) is the very best word available to describe the process that has occurred. Just saying.

  6. @photonz1 10:45 PM

    Then why not set up a company to employ you? Then the company ACC levies are tax deductible company expenses. So all you pay is the employee levy that every other employee pays.

    I suspect you already have done this – you are no mug. So why come here pleading poverty, when from your many previous comments you know enough about the tax and ACC systems to be able to game them both really well?

  7. An ACC system that charges me thousands of dollars MORE every year – NOT because of what I do, NOT because of what my risks are, and NOT because of how much I get paid out if I have an accident – but simply because I am self employed – is a really stuffed system.

  8. Valis, I used the term “economy with the truth” rather than “lies” in the post – diplomatically, in anticipation of comments like the 7:03 PM one from “hobbit”.

    Maybe I should be less accommodating, and just call it as it is from here on in.

  9. What privatisation? Ohh, the opening of the ACC monopoly to competition? Since when is competition privatisation? Back to school fruit loops, ask a teacher to explain what privatisation is, and the difference between it and deregulation/competition.

    But deep down, even your average Green voter understands the difference. You’re just misusing the word to scare people. If you went around bleating “Don’t allow competition to ACC”, no one, apart from the loony left, would support you. So you instead choose to lie..

  10. Hey, that is a great interview Kevin. I haven’t heard anyone else set out so well the case why privatising the ACC work account is a stupid idea.

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