Play the ‘Keep the coal in the hole’ Tetris game

Today I launched a Member’s Bill and a tetris-like computer game as a part of our campaign to keep dirty lignite coal in the hole. Lignite is bad for the environment and our economy. We should be pursuing modern renewable energy solutions, not 19th Century coal.

First the serious part. The Climate Change Response (Low Carbon Economic Development) Amendment Bill aims to incentivise clean, green and low-carbon economic development so our children and grandchildren can continue to prosper for generations to come. It does this two ways; firstly, eliminating expensive ETS subsidies on lignite coal and secondly, establishing a clean green taskforce to explore developing our green economy. It’s one of the recommendations of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s report into lignite coal.

Even if it isn’t pulled from the Member’s Ballot, I think it’s important to highlight the massive subsidies the taxpayer will pay to develop these dirty resources, trashing our climate credibility and valuable clean green brand.

Now the fun part. I’ve also launched a game where you can keep the coal in the hole (and out of the atmosphere), which you can play here.

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  1. Good on you for hitting them in the subsidies where it hurts!

    [I made it to level 7 on my first go at coal tetris, who did better? …. leaving a wide path for others to overtake, lol 🙂 ]

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