Podcast: Russel’s Dirty Rivers Wrap-up

Russel goes over a 7m waterfall on the Kaituna

Russel is about to wrap his second annual Dirty Rivers Rafting Tour. Russel has been visiting rivers that are either dangerously polluted, or threatened due to large dam and irrigation projects, and rafting or kayaking them with local environmentalists, whitewater enthusiasts, iwi, farmers, and media.

The purpose of the tour is to highlight the threats to our precious rivers, but also to celebrate some of the most beautiful rivers in the country. It’s also to put pressure on Environment Minister Nick Smith to adopt clean water rules now before it’s too late.

In this podcast, on the eve of his final trip, Russel talks about the highs and lows of the tour, whether he got sick from the dirty water or scared going over a 7m waterfall, and why we need clean water rules, now.

This week’s track is Regenerate, by the Midnights, supplied courtesy of Loop.

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