The external supervision of King Gerry

Gerry Brownlee announced yesterday that the CERA independent review panel to provide oversight of Gerry Brownlee has been appointed by Gerry Brownlee.

Gerry Brownlee has appointed former High Court Judge Sir John Hansen, former National Party Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley, National Party appointee to the Meridian Energy Board Anake Goodall, and National Party appointee to the National Party’s Productivity Commission Murray Sherwin to review National Party Minister Gerry Brownlee’s Canterbury recovery decisions.

And even if they do find something a wee bit shonky in a few of Gerry Brownlee’s decisions, Gerry Brownlee can choose to ignore them and do what Gerry Brownlee was going to do all along anyway.

Confidence inspiring, huh!

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  1. Yes Drakula, you do need to spell it out exactly for the old farts like me, as I cant see an viable alternative solution at this point.

  2. My answer is to make sure everyone registers and votes at the next election and roll the bastards!!!!!

    Excellent idea! Yes!! The best!!! Bring it on baby!!!! (looks like Yahoo! got here!)

    Now remind me again: who is it we going to replace the bastards with?

  3. Yes, Yep and Yeah Baby!
    It’s a kind of graveyard humour (tempts me) but it’s an Election Year, which means we have the opportunity of real positive change for you and me.
    And though there’s many in the Labour Party I have a lot of time for – I think our Public Services need rebuilding from the Ground up.
    That’s why the Greens are our future.

    Governments come and go – but the Public Service is a massive weight of outdated inertia that hasn’t changed since @1950.

    We need to keep our best energetic and visionary folk here in NZ – like never before.

  4. I agree with Mark it’s nothing new to me, thats why I took it as a cynical joke.

    I don’t think the independent review panel should have any ex-politicians at all it should be strictly non political.

    But hey, we can’t expect the right Nat/ACT’s or Labour to understand much about ethics can we?

    And Bj asks what can we do about it, well we can’t refresh a bad apple they are not going to change I’m sorry to say. We could complain to the Ombudsmens office but correct me if I’m wrong don’t they answer to the speaker who is lockwood Smith , and who is Lockwood Smith friends with?
    Good old Gerry

    My answer is to make sure everyone registers and votes at the next election and roll the bastards!!!!!

  5. What’s the delay? – the senior AMI people I have spoken to assure me the money for Christchurch is already there.
    The delay is the gnomes are practising their ‘shell game’ and figuring a way to pretend different……
    I hope Todd’s wrong – but I know what I’d BET on.

  6. Don’t tell me that we of Christchurch are (to use the term again) about to be fucked over by National? A regional fucking just for us, as well as a country-wide fucking we all get to share in. Surely not…

  7. I am frankly surprised to hear people express shock at National Party Cronyism – my memory of them goes back over 40 years and frankly, a hallmark has always been Personal Profit before Patriotism.
    It’s why only the Labour Party has those PM’s considered truly Memorable – because people like MJ Savage, Wally Nash and Norman Kirk actually DID Something for their country instead of themselves and their mates.

    Those of you who are not as ancient as I better know, this sort of thing is the very nature of the beast – and, as Labour has become yet another rider on the sheep’s back – I look elsewhere to place my vote.

    Nothing personal – I do not so much as dislike any of my fellow Kiwi’s – but some of the behaviour is simply unacceptable and Won’t wash.

    Though Jon is supposed to be a shoe-in this year – I hear rumblings that the current Govt. may have already done enough Damage to see themselves clear of office

  8. Agreed, BJ. There is one Maori, but it still reeks of National Party cronyism. There were a couple of names mentioned earlier in the thread, ironically by a commenter who doesn’t seem to see a problem here, Mike Moore and Jeanette Fitzsimons. They are the sort of people who would give the review panel the appearance of independence, even if it still has no teeth.

  9. The question it would seem to me, is what can be done about it. That the oversight board should contain among other things, at least one representative of Maori and at least one of one of the opposition parties, would be a sort of self-evident response to the likely (now) charges of error and injustice on the part of the great dictator.

    Since this isn’t in the system, what options to those of us in opposition have?

    I think none apart from close scrutiny of every ruling and a redoubled effort to get a better result at the next election. Is there something ELSE we can do? I cannot think of it.

  10. Frog: If I took the above shinanikins of this government seriously I would get seriously depressed to the point of slashing my wrists.

    So I am trying to look at this from the perspective of Monty Python.

    Independent review? then I looked at Gerry Brownlee’s list and laughed like hell!!!!!!

    I think you are almost there Frog you need to repeat Gerry Brownlie a few more times!!!!!

  11. Sorry, Phil. Not going there, as it is off-topic. Take it to General Debate. You too Drak.

    This thread is about Gerry Brownlee’s autocratic powers, and what safeguards in law there are against them for people living in Christchurch.

    If you want to discuss other issues, there is always the latest General Debate thread.

  12. and look to yr own frog..?

    you lot voted for dictator-gerry to first get his that you did that is far more ‘serious’ than my light-hearted jibe at metaphor-riffing

    ..don’t you remember at the time how i and so many others abused you…?


    the only hope is that jezza fucks up so much by election time..

    ..that it costs national votes..

    ..(is that ‘intelligent’ enough..?

    ..and i am not ‘munted’..

    ..haven’t been seriously ‘munted’ in years…


  13. ok about you give me/us an example ‘intelligent-answer’ to the drak-metaphor-mash-up..


    “..Don’t hand the righties embarrassing stuff to quote on their blogs..” that…?

    they have more than enough of that ’embarrassing stuff’ of their own to be getting on with…

    and who really gives a fuck what they ‘quote’…?


  14. Come on, guys (Drak, philu). You can do better than this.

    It is a serious issue, and one that you should not be too munted to comment intelligently on. Don’t hand the righties embarrassing stuff to quote on their blogs

  15. Valis; I would be a fool to predict 100% that the National government will lose the next election when they could get in by devious means.

    So you would, as devious means wouldn’t seem even to be necessary.

  16. Valis; I would be a fool to predict 100% that the National government will lose the next election when they could get in by devious means.

    As these people accumulate power they become ‘hollow men’ without souls, their loyalties are no longer with the nation, church or principles (neither is Labour) so they only give it lip service, however their true loyalties are with the interests of money and the global oligarchy.

    This system is not sustainable, it will decay and eventually collapse I think the prophet Danial has something to say about this (correct me if I am wrong)66666666666666666

  17. wot u smokin’ there…drak-man…?

    u making no sense man…

    with your flies and your ointment…

    ..and your collapsing card-houses… are taking metaphor cut-ups/mash-ups to a whole new level…man..


  18. if the fly in the ointment isn’t the November election then the whole house of cards will collapse in on itself.

    I don’t understand what you mean here, Drak?

  19. It’s a nice cosey little arrangement isn’t it? I guess Brownlee has got it all sewn up.
    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely; if the fly in the ointment isn’t the November election then the whole house of cards will collapse in on itself.

  20. Wow, thats really unbelievable. So much for an independent panel then.
    I’m really getting worried about CERA. Every time I hear something about it, it gets worse

  21. Being larger than life myself – I see nothing wrong with an Oversight on the Gravitron.
    After all, our Wedding Photo’s were all aerial shots too!

  22. @Alwyn 3:28 PM

    Not claiming corruption at all, Alwyn, Just that it is not a good look when you appoint four people to a body to oversee the actions of a Minister given autocratic powers, one is a former Prime Minister of his party and the other three effectively owe that party a moral debt for other public appointments they hold.

  23. Has anyone calculated the expected return on a National Party membership? Seems rather a good investment in today’s market conditions.

  24. What a load of tripe. I presume that we would be entitled to have claimed corruption by the Labour party between, say, 2004 to 2008 by claiming, accurately, that EVERY person appointed to SOEs or suchlike had been appointed by the Labour party and that therefore their actions were directed solely in the interests of Labour?
    In case you haven’t noticed National are the Government and obviously all appointments made, even those of ex-Labour leaders like Mike Moore, are National party appointees.
    Similarly Jeanette Fitzsimons ONZ gong recently was an award by the National party. Does that make her a National party stooge as well?

  25. Quick, someone help the poor fellow! He’s gotten himself stuck in a self-referencing power loop, he’ll implode under his own (metaphorical) weight!

  26. Shipley! So big chunks of the rebuild contracts will be going to Sammy Wongs mates in China then. Does he still have his travel perk?

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