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Aucklanders, you know you’re drinking the Waikato River

April 29, 2011 Russel Norman 18

One in three New Zealanders (Auckland, Hamilton et al) have a very direct interest in the quality of the water coming down the Waikato River because their drinking water is extracted from that catchment. The more polluted that water is, the more expensive and difficult it is to treat it. So how bad is the water at the end of the Waikato river?

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Congratulations to Carl for cagey protest

April 29, 2011 Sue Kedgley 2

Carl has been cooped up in a cage for 31 days outside Mainland Poultry in Waikouaiti (just North of Dunedin). Today Carl has flown his self-imposed ungilded cage for hopefully a hot shower and a chance to stretch his legs

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Workers’ Memorial Day

April 28, 2011 Keith Locke 2

Workplaces are safer when workers and their unions feel confident to address safety issues, and this has not been helped by the National government’s industrial legislation.

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