Can you pick the odd man out?

“Boorish and unbecoming of a Prime Minister” was Sue Kedgley’s take on John Key’s Radio Sport interview with Tony Veitch in which the PM revealed his sexual fantasies.

“Obviously for the money I would be Tiger Woods. You get paid a truckload of money,” he said, adding “there are other benefits that clearly come with the job” too.

The conversation took a sexy turn after Veitch asked the jovial PM if he’d like to be love-rat Warnie. “Yeah, well given his current liaisons with Liz Hurley,” Key said.

“I like Liz Hurley actually. I reckon she is hot.”

I’m with Sue on this one.  I can’t imagine Helen Clark, Jenny Shipley or Jim Bolger even allowing themselves to be interviewed by someone with Veitch’s track record of/on domestic violence, let alone allowing encouraging the interview to go down that path.

Too much information, Mr Key!

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, Todd.

    Interesting that the NZ Herald article you linked to again addresses Key’s comments, which I thought were not of great consequence.

    The bit the MSM has largely ignored is his “other benefits that clearly come with the job” reference to Tiger Woods. I find it appalling that Key shows himself to be envious of a man who has repeatedly betrayed women’s trust and treated them as pieces of meat to be used for sexual pleasure and then cast aside at whim.


    Speaking at a post-cabinet press conference today, Shonkey Honkey said “he could not control who the host of the show was”.

    But you can control what shows you appear on huh!

    “I engage with a lot of journalists, some of them have history and some of them don’t, that’s not my concern. My concern is to make sure I represent the views I want to represent on those shows.”

    Representing views of sexism is what you want to do? This is unbecoming of a PM.

    “There’ll be lots of journalists that have done things wrong in their lives.”

    We’ll that makes it all OK then.

  3. Actually, Veitch would be odd one out, as he’s the only one who stooped to physical assault on a partner.

    The others abused trust, abused relationships, and one might consider that Key has abused the country as well, but Veitch was the real-deal… and not in a good way.


  4. Who knows, you may get bought a drink by a woman who over hears you at the bar …

    More likely you’ll get punched in the face!!
    I hear what you are saying Katie and I think you are (for the most part) entirely reasonable….ooo scary!!, I just agreed with a feminist! 🙂

    I am glad I am married to a fantastic woman and out of the whole ‘meat market’ pub scene, not that I was really that into it anyway, I got sick of insecure angry males starting fights all the time.

  5. @ Toad 9.24pm

    I second your retort to Shunda, and will add further;

    as a feminist, who has been married, divorced, and studied as a mature student amongst a vast crowd of hormonally hyper university students, I think I can safely say that women do not universally disapprove of male attention; even feminists can accept appreciation from men!

    However, controlling, abusive behaviour that does not ask if a woman would like to receive attention from that particular man, is usually considered offensive; in some cases, frightening.
    I’ve spoken to many a young woman who has been appalled at the behaviour of young men at university events, sometimes to the extent that she fears to engage in social activities on campus any more.
    Wider society also suffers from the ‘let them burn off some steam’ attitude to men exhibiting behaviour that they would never consider expressing in their own homes, simply because they’re out drinking with the lads after a hard week of filing tax returns (or somesuch).

    Appropriately expressed admiration, which allows that attraction is not always a two-way street, and the obvious corollory that rejection will happen occasionally, is acceptable to both men and women who have developed adult attitudes to social relationships.
    It is an adolescent fantasy to believe that women are merely commodities which occur in abundance in the world, waiting for the lucky man’s eye to alight upon, his hand to reach out and take ownership. And, I might add, a particularly dated, old-fashioned adolescent fantasy at that.

    Violent sexual abuse is the extreme end of the gradient that begins with verbally harassing a women that you ‘fancy’ in a bar – most men will back off if a women is not interested in attracting company (hey, guys, guess what – some women go out so they can talk to each other, and enjoy some live music and a chat!) but it’s the small percentage who take offense at being told that they are not wanted or needed in this context that cause all the strife, and create the antagonism that washes over the rest of their gender.

    How about this for a radical idea?
    The next time you see a guy pestering a woman in a public place, who obviously wants him to just leave her alone, stroll up to him and say
    “hey, mate, just walk away – the bigger the fuss you make, the harder it gets for the rest of us, and women just stop coming into places like this if they’re always being given a hard time.”

    Who knows, you may get bought a drink by a woman who over hears you at the bar … 😉

  6. This site has become more the meeting place of a hate group (with some psycho babble thrown in) rather than a discussion place for Green ideas.


  7. I would have thought the issue in common was, the exercise of power, Veitch has on occasion abused power (greater physical force) and as for Key an expression that greed for more (for some) is good – regardless of its impact on other people and the environement.

  8. It’s not just an attraction response we’re talking about here. Sexual attraction can be manifested in divergent ways and some might argue that those expressed by these four are such reactions to their own inabilities to formulate meaningful relationships. But male dominance (patriarchy) is not related to the attraction paradigm alone.

    The main factor I think which has allowed such bigotry to be openly displayed is societies underlying ambivalent sexism, which is founded on gender inequality and hostile ideologies. Having said that, I do not mean to reduce any personal responsibility of these people for their actions, but realizing that such gender discrimination is inbuilt in our society is part of understanding why Shonkey Honkey and Veitch felt so at ease with expressing their misogynistic views. They would certainly not consider apologising for their bigotry and if forced to do so, like Veitch for breaking somebodies back, their apologies could be taken with a grain of salt.

    To my knowledge these two display quite different patterns in that one is a hostile sexist who succumbs to an excitation transfer and the other an ambivalent sexist who does not understand the decorum required of his position, both are mutually supportive ideologies so it’s understandable that Veitch and Shonkey get along. Likewise the extradyadic sexual behaviours exhibited by others in the test group are mutually akin to the hostile sexism of Veitch and ambivalent sexism of Shonkey, although all could be very different in their formulation to evolve into the negative emotional reactions displayed.

    All of which should be unacceptable in a civilized society.

  9. So according to frog and toad, Key “expressed desire to want to be a serial rooter ” and
    “revealed his sexual fantasies”

    Saying Liz Hurley is hot, and that Tiger Woods job had side benefits, is hardly the revealing sexual fantasies or expressing a desire to be a serial rooter.

    What a beat up – get a life.

    Perhaps go after people who use racist and offensive terms.

    Oh – I forgot – it’s perfectly ok to do that, as long as you’re a green supporter.

  10. @Shunda barunda 8:14 PM

    I usually get quite irritated by the whole feminist “men should feel guilty for being attracted to women” nonsense…

    I don’t think that is where feminist women are coming from. The issues relate to sexual harassment and to disrespecting women as objects available for male sexual gratification, irrespective of where the woman is coming from. And, ultimately, there is the issue of rape and of men beating women who don’t submit to their control.

    I have no problem with men finding women attractive. How men address that is the issue.

  11. @photonz1 7:50 PM

    Saying Liz Hurley is hot is the crime of the century. Amazing how worked up people can get about minutae.

    No, saying Liz Hurley is hot is not the crime of the century. No problem there.

    The problem is with Key’s expressed desire to want to be a serial rooter – to emulate Tiger Woods and Shane Warne in objectifying women as sex objects to use (and cast away) as they see fit.

    FFS, I think a lot of women are hot. That’s just natural for heterosexual or bisexual men.

    But playing women along into believing you have a special relationship with them, as Woods did, when you actually consider them “just another root” to be used and abused is misogynist and offensive.

    I have no problem with promiscuity, as long as the cards are on the table and all involved have no issue with it (ie single people having sex for fun or open relationships where there is a mutual understanding).

    I do have a problem with duplicity. That is what Woods did and what Key’s comments condone, and is why I am so angry about what he said.

  12. I usually get quite irritated by the whole feminist “men should feel guilty for being attracted to women” nonsense, but in this case I think they kind of have a point.
    I kind of cringed when I heard what Key said, and cringed even more when I found out who he was talking to.
    Not the worst crime in the world but very tacky and just bad taste.

  13. As others have said, the big problem isn’t the remark about Hurley. The big problem is that Key is happy to discuss his tastes in women and fantasies about Tiger Woods sex life with a guy that maimed his own wife. Trivial details I guess for one so above it all as yourself.

  14. What a laugh.

    Key says Liz Hurley is hot and the Greens start to hyperventilate and go into hissy fits.

    Climate change and social housing can take a back seat. Saying Liz Hurley is hot is the crime of the century.

    Amazing how worked up people can get about minutae.

    Get a life – people are laughing at those making a fuss.

  15. OK so Shonkey Honkey is our PM and as such should have a bit of respect. However what respect can you give somebody who parades around like a jester and makes light of his misogynistic remarks. I’m now truly repulsed by our so-called leader. As phil u has so rightly stated: “Should come with a ‘could-disturb’ viewer-warning”.

  16. Is anyone game to ask the PM, the ultimate “Clinton” question – has he cheated on his wife, the way Tiger Woods did – and if so when, and who with, and was she “hot”.

    Rightly we don’t focus on the personal lives of our leaders and politicians so much, unless it’s put out there by the politicians themselves or is a matter of hypocrisy. In this case the PM has invited the question, to which he will reply no (and claim credit for his fidelity, despite his “manly bloke” longings) or he will not answer – possibly according to the best advice.

    Maybe there should be some promotions of the it’s not OK ads on Radio Sport while Veitch and Key are together. I wonder what Key’s advisers are getting paid to do on that?

  17. @SPC 5:19 PM

    There is also this post there too.

    Yep, starting to look like there is an ego there with Key that suggests he’s 9 feet tall and bulletproof.

    But when politicians go there, things can unravel very quickly (recall the demise of Lange).

    Snuggling up to an unrepentant perpetrator of violence against women and making comments that suggest he thinks women are sexual objects available for pleasure and to be kept or cast away at his whim (as he did with the “other benefits” comments re wanting to be like Tiger Woods) are not going to endear Key to much of the female population.

    As for men, at least some of us are repulsed by those comments. I’m a keen sports fan (especially cricket and league) and used to listen to Radio Sport a lot. But since they “rehabilitated” the unrehabilitated Tony Veitch, I have never gone there, at least during his show.

    Key, if he wants to be a responsible PM who cares about the safety of women from domestic violence, shouldn’t go there either.

  18. “Publicly letching, to express admiration for greed and adultery, and who symbolically condones spousal abuse by voluntarily and preferentially associating with a spouse-beating coward who happens to be a celebrity”.

    Not much more to say on that subject really!

  19. The egg, the goof, the thug and the dork. Hm! I’m not sure how much thoughtful debate can be achieved within this context.

    Perhaps we should discuss the disproportionate amount of men like these in places of power and it’s relationship with general social dysfunction. One could easily attribute sexist conditioning with a failure in many social dynamics to achieve equity and harmony. Such is required to achieve prosperity.

    Sexism is a huge problem in New Zealand. The odd man out Shonkey Honkey appears to walk the line in that respect. It is unfortunate that he has resorted to appealing to bigoted idealism with guttural remarks within the public domain. The ugly little thug who has a conviction for recklessly injuring his former partner, also tried to bribe her to shut up. She had a breakdown and lost her job while he prances around like some sort of stud. What a horrible person who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the public domain.

    Could somebody remind Shonkey Honkey that you’re judged by the company you keep. Perhaps the medication has gone to his head and he’s just going to party like it’s 1999?

  20. Maybe we’re off track with the italian nick-names.
    Could ‘Das Shicklegruber’ be a contender?

    [frog: Too far, Mark. The “Guido” comment was amusing in the context, even though the term is often used in a racially offensive manner. Godwinning the thread isn’t amusing and doesn’t encourage thoughtful debate.]

  21. Must be a very relaxed household then…
    Wonder why he envies Tiger Woods?
    Shamed and humiliated before the world
    Wife bends favourite seven iron around no1 car
    Loses all form
    Looks like a goat that’s been tied up one foot too far away from his favourite nanny.

  22. Hmm. One the one hand, it’s hardly reasonable to expect politicians to be whiter than white given that they’re human beings. On the other hand, most people can avoid sharing their sexual proclivities with others on a daily basis, so this was pretty stupid.

  23. We risk letting this issue be blown out of proportion (compared to Key’s other unforgivable crimes against the welfare of New Zealand) because it’s titillating.

    This is like Clinton being impeached over sexual issues where Reagan and Bush got away with war crimes.

    I’m sure Key is thrilled to have the country tut-tutting about this and letting the connection between his tax cuts for the rich and his asset fire sale become yesterday’s news.

  24. Given that Key’s main goal in politics is to sell assets he could never have formed a satisfactory coalition with NZF anyway. So it makes sense for him to try and keep Winstone out of parliament if he can. Ruling NZF out as a coalition partner worked in 2008. Perhaps Key hopes it will work again.

  25. Saying no to NZF isn’t really a risk for Key I think, as many of Winston’s votes would come from National. Key has just said explicitly to them, you vote Winston, you get Goff. That alone should keep enough potential voters in the fold to keep NZF out of Parliament.

    Beyond that, saying no to Winston in coalition is saying no to NZF – it’s too subtle a thing to pull off because there’s no difference between the two for most people.

  26. The problem with being accessible, as a tool of “leadership celebrity” (political popularity), is a decline to a less respectful tone and ultimately loss of gravitas.

    Being a mate about the country, means adapting to the culture of time and place – and doing this in the public media is fraught with risk. No one behaves the same in all situations, and the more one is adapting to time and place, the less appropriate this becomes for PM to present themself to the wider public.

    One wonders whether the response to the patsy question, what sports star you would like to be – All Black captain (national leadership) or really wealthy (respect for achievement measured in personal wealth and being able to afford professional services/user pays … mmm anyone in the media game to ask the PM a question as to whether use of professional services constitutes cheating and has he ever …) was suggested by the host of Kiwiblog (possibly the list of the 3 hot women as well – probably after extensive research).

    It’s hard to say though whether this media (chosen to manage the working class bloke vote) showing was over or under-managed.

    Whatever, some of the gambler instincts are showing, again no to NZF combined with large scale asset sales (he could have posed much smaller scale and over a long period of time, say no more than 5% per asset per year) – those who want to make a protest over asset sales by voting NZF could remove National from office (though we should note the caveat, no coalition with a NZF led by Peters).

  27. I get the impression that Key so badly wants to be seen as one of the blokes, having a beer at a bar-b-que and jesting about his fantasies with Liz Hurley whoever the hell she is.

    Don’t be taken in!!!!!

    Hone Harawira described Key as the smiling assassin!!!!!!!

  28. Gives more credence to the title Shonkey Honkey. The egg is obviously the odd man out… Shane Warne is an adulterer, Veitch is a violent misogynist and Tiger Woods is a womaniser. The egg is the biarch of Merrill Lynch, sold to the highest bidder. Whatever fantasies he might have cannot change the fact that big business owns his arse.

  29. I’d call Veitch the odd man out. He has a conviction for breaking a woman’s back by throwing her down the stairs and then giving her a kicking.

    Woods and Warne are “just” serial cheaters who view woman as sex objects. Key, from his interview with Veitch, is “just” a wannabe serial cheater.

    Not that any of it is a good look. They are all a bunch of sexist a-holes.

  30. Hah! It’s made the Daily Mail in the UK. Shades of the Paul Henry “Dickshit” affair, only this time its our PM rather than some ego-fueled broadcaster.

  31. Oh dear, Key looked like such a reasonable person to start with too. Maybe now he’s becoming arrogant because of his party’s continued (incomprehensible) success. Maybe the true John Key is now being revealed and it’s not pretty!

  32. Tony Veitch is a man who kicked his partner so badly that he broke her back. He should be rotting in jail.

    It speaks to the horrific nature of a large section of the New Zealand population that this man has a high-profile radio job, and that the PM sees nothing wrong with openly fantasising about using women with him.

  33. How embarrasing that our Prime Minister thinks he’s cool not sexist and now the international media have picked up just how sophisticated he really is. Good on you Sue for challenging the “boys” cosy little chat. I wonder how the women in his Caucus feel? Do they feel “hot” enough to make in his obviously mature assessment of women?

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