Lignite and IT problems

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has completed a report entitled Lignite and climate change: The high cost of low grade coal.

“The plans to increase lignite use are extremely concerning as they would produce huge quantities of carbon dioxide which contributes to climate change – the biggest environmental threat we have ever faced.”

The PCE also recommends changes to the ETS,

“Those extra emissions are likely to cost hundreds of millions of dollars a year and much of that cost could be borne by the taxpayer unless changes are made to the Emissions Trading Scheme.”

It adds further weight to Jeanette Fitzsimons’ argument that we have to keep the coal in the hole.

You can access the full report here.

That is, unless you work in the Parliamentary complex itself—in which case you can’t.

Not because the PCE doesn’t want you to have the report. But because of an IT stuff up a couple of months ago that has not been fixed. Numerous calls/complaints/jobs have been made to ICT and nothing has happend.

Essentially parliamentarians do not have access to an electronic copy—or any of the other information on the PCE’s website—while they’re on the Parliamentary network. Despite the fact it is the Parliamentary site that Members need access to.

In the meantime, while we wait for access to the PCE site, here is a clip from the IT Crowd.

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  1. Who is ultimately in charge of the parliamentary ICT department? Would a complaint to the Speaker of the House be in order?


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