Don’t be so self-deprecating, Idiot/Savant

Idiot/Savant from NoRightTurn blogged today in response to his nomination for Amnesty International’s  Aotearoa NZ’s Human Rights Defender Award saying:

While I’m flattered, its clear from the list that I do not belong on it. The other nominees are doing real work which changes the world for the better. All I do is mouth off on the internet.

I/S consistently breaks human rights stories that the New Zealand MSM don’t want to touch.   A human rights activist doesn’t have to be someone who puts their life on the line, risking assassination by agents of a foreign (or local) power.  S/he can also be someone who uses the internet to get human rights messages, and the abrogation of human rights by nation states, out there to us.

I don’t really care if I/S wins the award or not. There are many worthy candidates, but I/S  is also a worthy candidate imo.  

Those like I/S who use technology (sorry for cached link, because there appears to be another “denial of service” attack, no doubt instigated by some angry government agency somewhere,  on this one from Wikileaks at the moment, but keep trying) to support human rights and freedom of information do a really great job supporting transparency, accountability, and democracy.

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