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  1. The existing Regional Councillors, representing Hastings [where the sign is] are feeling like those pigs in crates if the noises they have let out are any indication. Tom Belford is a breath of fresh air in local body politics in Hawkes Bay-some of us love it – but the old boys club are in a panic. Good job.

  2. Should the chairman of Fonterra’s Southland Stakeholders Association be allowed to stand for council, unhindered by public criticism by the chairman of the Regional Council?
    Of course.
    Should a candidate who the local newspaper calls ‘well known environmentalist and writer’ be able to do the same?
    You’d hope so, wouldn’t you!

  3. If the Southland chair’s opinion is that environmentalists shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions on commercial developments because of their environmental bias, the same logic requires that commercial developers shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions on environmental protection measures because of their commercial bias.

  4. An environmentalist, standing for Environment Southland?
    That surely is the rightful domain of Federated Farmer stoolies and Fonterra flunkies!
    What is that candidate thinking??

  5. There is a level of angst and worry around the elections for Environment Southland because some candidates have a background in environmental advocacy. The retiring Chair felt compelled to write a letter to the Southland Times expressing the view that certain named environmentalists should not be given the opportunity to make decisions on any commercial developments because their environmental bias would not allow them to weigh all facts in a balanced fashion. This was an interesting statement because the same man has strongly promoted the exploitation of Southland’s lignite reserves before all the potential facts were known to him.

    At a recent Blue Green conference Guy Salmon stated the view that environment councils did not represent a broad constituency and were generally dominated by farmers, he suggested the inclusion of environmentalists and local iwi would bring balance to decision making. This statement was strongly condemned by the same Environment Southland Chair, who expressed the view that anyone (including university based academics) who had not worked on a farm had no business making decisions that would have an impact on rural environments. I can imagine if the above sign was displayed in Southland the reactions would be similar.

    There are exciting times ahead, or maybe a repeat of the ECan debacle………..?

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