Hide nailing down the rats

Speaking to TV ONE’s Q and A show today, Rodney Hide revealed that the whole Act caucus and some of the senior party management knew about David Garrett’s fraudulently obtained passport.

I’ve avoided commenting on the ongoing train wreck [mixed metaphor corrected] slowly sinking ship that is the ACT Party until now.  They are doing well enough at self-destructing without any assistance from me. But I couldn’t resist giving this from a comments thread at The Standard a wider audience:

A highlight of the new farce is a scene at the beginning of act III, where the captain attempts nailing the rats to his ship.


Hat Tip: Pascal’s bookie.

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  1. I think that the demise of ACT calls for a celebration just sit back now get out the bottle and glasses and watch the show.

    The next step is we need to get our own MP’s in order!!!!!

  2. Garrett got his 3 strikes law through, so he’s done what he came to do. He can go now, providing a great smoke screen for the Enabling Act as he does so

  3. Hide’s assertion that David Garrett was a highly intelligent man with a lot to offer parliament says what about his character judgement?…..and says what about John Key’s judgement when he claimed that he has faith in Hide’s ability to lead Act?

  4. Lets not threadjack this. One thread is enough, unless it is too cumbersome to load. Otherwise it gets hard to keep track.


  5. oh yeah..!..har bloody har…!

    i don’t really give a f*ck about those clowns..

    ..(they are done and dusted..)..

    i wanna hear from the likes of delahunty/locke(?)..and the others..

    as to why they did it…

    (and i don’t think i am the only one wanting to hear that…

    ..the silence is deafening…)


  6. Some of these politicians get so much dirt uncovered, you have to wonder about the stuff we have no idea about yet. I bet there is a ton of it!

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