Hospitals, morgues overflow and coffin supply running very short

Moscow has worst heatwave since records began

Muscovites are dying from extreme heat and smoke faster than their bodies can be stored, cremated or buried

Morgues are overflowing and one crematorium in the Russian capital is working around the clock in three shifts

“The cheapest coffin costs 6,700 roubles ($225) but there are only a few left,” a funeral service attendant said.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan

Twelve million [yes, 3 times NZ] are affected [by floods] in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab provinces, while a further two million are affected in Sindh.

Not to mention China getting a beating

China is battling the worst flooding in a decade

In related news, Climate change talks go backwards

Global climate change talks have moved backwards since last year, say negotiators from both rich and poor nations at discussions in Germany.

Great, just great.

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  1. Better still we need to put all global warming deniers under aversion therepy Clockwork Orange style.

    That’s right strap them to a chair, clamp their eyes open and force them to look at the news viddies of Moscow suffocating, forrests burning and Pakistan drowning!

    When they feel sick they may be considered to be cured!

  2. The news headlines of the above proves David Suzuki to be a prophet; way back in the 70’s and 80’s he saw all this coming and backed it up with the science.

    I hope the bloody global warming deniers are choking on their own vomit!

    Chances are that if we listen to them we too could be choking to death!!!

  3. Almost 14 million people have been affected by the torrential rains in Pakistan, making it a more serious humanitarian disaster than the South Asian tsunami and recent earthquakes in Kashmir and Haiti combined.

    The disaster was driven by a ‘supercharged jet stream’ that has also caused floods in China and a prolonged heatwave in Russia.

    It comes after flash floods in France and Eastern Europe killed more than 30 people over the summer.

    Experts from the United Nations (UN) and universities around the world said the recent “extreme weather events” prove global warming is already happening.


  4. this is no time to slow down our industries! there’s a shortage of coffins! we must increase production!! open some new coal-powered coffin factories and harvest some more old-growth forests!

  5. I’d take the spare Bodies down to the local BP Station for storage – certainly the dead don’t seem to mind.

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