Photo – frosty

Around the country, we are being greeted by frosts in the morning. While we are warm and cosy in our houses, plants have to face the chill. This lawn daisy has hairs which may serve as protection against freezing by frost. Certainly the hairy leaves were unharmed following their icing-up.

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  1. Perhaps you’ll attract some of our stunning native tussock moths.
    Or some skinks, geckoes, weta, peripatus.
    What does 1080 do to those creatures, do you think?
    After all, 1080 is a very powerful insecticide.

  2. “warm and cosy in our houses” – yeah right.
    The wonderful insulation scheme that landlords wont go into because it means they have to shell out some money when they can still rent out the houses without the insulation or heating…

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