MMP referendum bill – 6 days left to make a submission

The fight to keep MMP is on.

The bill to set up the MMP referendum is now at Select Committee. You have a chance to have your say by making a submission – do it now submissions close next week on Thursday 10 June.

If you are keen to make a submission, check out our guide.

The bill has a proposal that will undermine the contest of idea in the run-up to the Referendum

The proposal is that there is no campaign spending cap. This gives open slather to wealthy groups to buy the result they want.

MMP is a fair system for everyone. It is only right that there are campaign spending caps in place to ensure that the vote on the future of New Zealand’s democracy is also fair.

If you would like to get involved in keeping this cornerstone of our democracy, have a look at the Campaign for MMP website.

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  1. If I could have only one of spending caps and disclosure of donations, I’d pick disclosure. Knowing who pays the surgeon is a good hint about what the operation is supposed to achieve.

  2. Your right that people wont always be influenced by advertising campaigns, but is also obvious that groups wouldn’t spend millions of dollars unless they thought they could influence how people will vote. Business groups dont spend money for nothing and they dont donate money to political parties for nothign either – that wouldn’t be efficent.

    Its only fair that there are spending caps so there is a level playing field for groups campaigning on how our democracy should be structured.

    Why should wealthy business groups be able to dominate the airwaves because MMP doesn’t suit them and they want a return to FPP, as it facilitated privitisation and the neo-liberal reforms of the 80’s and 90’s. This is their agenda, this is why we are having a referendum.

    Spending caps are the best way to ensure the referendum is fair and a contest of ideas. Vote MMP!

  3. Now tell me, how can wealthy groups buy the result they want? People are going to vote based on their own opinion, not on how much money was thrown on a campaign.

    Do you still believe that rich people can buy elections? That is complete and utter nonsense.

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