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The Labour Party’s “Two Chinas” policy

June 30, 2010 NZ Green Party 137

It seems the Labour Party has its own current version of the historic “Two Chinas” policy – but with respect to Tibet. Here are Labour MPs Raymond Huo and Phil Twyford, definitely not singing from the same songsheet.

I’m with Phil on this one.

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ACC “crisis” was all in Nick Smith’s head

June 28, 2010 NZ Green Party 43

Remember the financial crisis with ACC? Remember Nick Smith describing ACC as “technically insolvent”, a claim that was rubbished at the time by NZ Herald economics editor Brian Fallow and actuary Jonathan Eriksen? Guess what? ACC is set to make a $2 billion surplus, and that’s before the levy increases and entitlement cuts have any impact, as they are only now beginning to phase in!

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A protest march in support of corruption

June 26, 2010 NZ Green Party 39

Whether they realised it or not, the protesters in Timaru yesterday were marching in support of someone being treated, because of his standing in the community and reputation as a philanthropist, more favourably by authorities than any other citizen would have been in the same circumstances. In effect, they were marching in support of corruption.

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