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  1. With the steps being taken against women by this government on the job front I have no doubt they intend to use unemployed women to do the job at even lower rates than they were paid in jobs before.

    Yet I noted a few years ago that it’s big strapping blokes that are needed to look after the old for toilet care, et cetera.

  2. Anne-While it is important that families and communities should take some responsibility for caring and supporting our elderly people, to suggest that the Government has no part in this is concerning. Not all families are physically and financially able to provide support for aged family members especially when a high level of support is required. I see the government as an extension of our communities and has a role in ensuring that no one should fall through society’s cracks. There will always be those who take no responsibility for their family members but I’m sure they aren’t the majority.

  3. The aged are our responsibility, so why is it that at a funeral recently a person from the care home was saying that on Mother’s Day, with 19 women in the home there were only 3 visitors? One son saying the 40 minutes his journey would have taken was too long. This has nothing to do with government policies; it has everything to do with us becoming a selfish species with no sense or responsibility, at the very least.

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