A hard ACT to follow

It seems the infighting within the ACT Party is not confined just to Rodney Hide, Heather Roy, Roger Douglas and the Parliamentary wing.

Following ACT on Campus President Rick Giles’ profound argument in denial of human induced climate change on TV3’s Sunrise earlier this week:

I think my argument is so powerful, it’s not necessary to talk about it;

ACT Party activist and blogger Clint Heine wasn’t satisfied with just the Facebook response to Giles’ intellectual profundity.  Heine decided more decisive action was necessary.

So Heine further denigrated his fellow Party activist Giles on Heine’s own blog by posting a video comparing Giles with Hitler:

Wingnuts, the lot of them!

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  1. Ooh! I just saw this post while cruising through Google. Of course Rick deserved everything that came to him, not through his interview on Sunrise, but for the actions he did afterwards, which he was asked to calm down and think before talking to the press.

    He refused to listen to the AOC executive and continued to speak out. AOC simply bought forward the president changeover date (as there was the annual AOC vote a few weeks beforehand) and he is no longer president. It was the best decision as Mr Giles showed his true colours and continued to believe he was still President.

    I didn’t post the Downfall clip to say he was like Hitler, I posted it as it was pure comedy.

  2. Let Act squabble all it likes. The whole foundation of that party is based on deciet and treachery.

    I must consult my Dante’s ‘Inferno’ to see which boglia they will boil or burn in!!!!!

    Yes I have found it! It’s the boglia of tar and pitch preserved for those who scheme in secret and issue a Fate accomplii. Only the tables will be turned.

    If only such an after-life were true.

  3. At least you didn’t use the full 10 minutes you were allocated before you got to it, Gareth. That Bill certainly wasn’t a must-see highlight of Parliamentary debate.

  4. According to the Act on Campus executive contacts page, Peter McCaffrey is the AoC president.

    Which is more likely, the page hasn’t been updated since Giles became president or Giles has stopped being president sometime after Monday?

  5. Thanks for finding that Frog.

    Pity the poor people who have to sit through my speech to get to my own Rick Giles moment.

    Needed bill, good to support but very DRY.

  6. It’s amazing how powerful this meme is, you almost don’t need to talk about it. It has spread from Kanye West parodies, to a Facebook page with over 4000 members, to a mention in Parliament.

    David Farrar, blogs that apparently there was an MP competition to see who could use it first in the House. I hadn’t heard of the competition but I used it to conclude my Unit Titles Bill debate third reading speech last week. I wonder what the prize is?

    The Unit Titles Bill was very dry and there wasn’t much to say, but still my argument was very powerful. No one in the House got it, but I’m not surprised. The House closed straight afterwards so the Hansard hasn’t come out yet.

    I can’t wait to see if a Minister tries it out in a Question Time.

  7. so..u strong-armed yr local-community..

    what the f..does that prove..or not..

    ..about yr years spent denying/pooh-pooh-ing the effects of man-made climatechange..?

    do you really think we have all forgotten the denialist-bullsh*t you have been pushing/peddling on this issue..?

    ..should i list the 35 denialist front-groups cited in the report..?

    would that jog yr memories..?


  8. Never heard of them.
    I make up my own mind about such matters.

    And given that my focus is urban economics and land use etc I am sure Kock have no interest in my opinions.

    IF you want to get a feeling for my typical supporters have a look at the lists of sponsors at The Great Day Out the recent fundraiser for the Centre at: http://www.rmastudies.org.nz/big-farm-day-out/index.html

    Hardly your big multinationals. And not an oil company in sight.

    Mangawhai Meats, the Olive Press, Fresh of Mangawhai, Eutopia Printing (and cafe) and Hallertau breweries of Silverdale, and so on.

    Get a life.

  9. aah..!..mcshane..!

    heard of ‘koch’..?


    “..Report identifies Koch Industries giving $73m to climate sceptic groups ’spreading inaccurate and misleading information’

    A Greenpeace investigation has identified a little-known, privately owned US oil company as the paymaster of global warming sceptics in the US and Europe.

    The environmental campaign group accuses Kansas-based Koch Industries, which owns refineries and operates oil pipelines, of funding 35 conservative and libertarian groups .. as well as more than 20 congressmen and senators.

    Between them, Greenpeace says, these groups and individuals have spread misinformation about climate science and led a sustained assault on climate scientists and green alternatives to fossil fuels.

    Greenpeace says that Koch Industries donated nearly $48m (£31.8m) to climate opposition groups between 1997-2008.

    From 2005-2008, it donated $25m to groups opposed to climate change, nearly three times as much as higher-profile funders that time such as oil company ExxonMobil.

    Koch also spent $5.7m on political campaigns and $37m on direct lobbying to support fossil fuels.

    In a hard-hitting report, which appears to confirm environmentalists’ suspicions that there is a well-funded opposition to the science of climate change ..”

    (your (former/present?)paymasters…eh..?..mcshane..?)

    care to comment/detail how much you have received..?

    y’know..!..over the years..?

    ..for yr role as a climate-change-denier..?



  10. Come one.

    He was saying something that has been said of many issues. He was trying to say that his argument against Earth Hour stood up regardless of whether AGW is happening or not.

    Many proposed actions make no sense either way because they are symbolic gestures and nothing more.

    All belief systems or religions have their symbolic gestures.

  11. We’re being very harsh on this young Actoid, barely out of nappies.
    I watched his television début and, though he took a beating, he still maintained that clint in his eye.

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