Here’s how you can watch Jeanette’s valedictory speech live

For those who can’t make it to Parliament House, Jeanette Fitzsimons’ last speech is viewable on line in several ways. Look here to choose your preference. Tune in from 5:30 pm today to ensure you don’t miss a word.

Yes, the sad day has come, but we’ll see her off in good style!

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  1. “gotta admire the conviction” etc…

    and she did have to put up with detractors like you for all those years.
    The patience of the woman!

  2. Jeanettes alright – gotta admire the conviction and she did front up to speak to the pro-free speech march.

    But her politics I can never agree with. It would be like you praising Roger Douglas.

  3. If big bro and BluePeter had even 5% of the ability, qualities and compassion of Jeanette Fitzsimons they could make a positive contribution to the consideration of issues. They haven’t and they don’t.

  4. That bone, Peter, it’s attached by the credibility sinew to the empathetic bone , which of course, you lack.
    It’s little wonder you’ve not heard of it.

  5. People have to turn on your comment to see it and downtick

    It’s possibly a voting script – the voting level appears to be very high, of late. Plenty of free ones about….

  6. BP-
    you really don’t have a praticipatory bone in your body, do you?

    Ever bothered to sit in the Parliamentary Public Gallery to see history being made?

    Never too late to learn.

  7. BB

    You weren’t always THIS bad. I reckon that BP will never catch up with your negative tally. People have to turn on your comment to see it and downtick you and they are DOING that. Have you completely lost what little of the plot you once had?


  8. Don’t you love farce?
    My fault I fear.
    I thought that you’d want what I want.
    Sorry, my dear.
    But where are the clowns?
    Quick, send in the clowns.
    Don’t bother, they’re here.

    A suggestion for your resident Diva….

  9. I can’t believe you don’t know where he lives, BluePeter.

    The golden arches? Aren’t they clue enough for you?

  10. Frog; Are there printed transcripts of Jeanettes valedictory speech? I am one of the unfortunate sods who can’t get broardband living in an isolated area in the hills.

  11. Big Bro – unless you apologise nicely to Jeanette on this thread and soon, for the unpleasant comment above, I’ll declare myself your on-line enemy 🙂

  12. I am sure it will be great…but.

    You need to do something about that idiot Delahunty, she loses you more and more votes every time she speaks.

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