Movember inspiration – the 1982 All Whites

I revealed in the House this week that the 1982 All Whites had been a particular inspiration for me in my Mo styling. Readers of this blog in need for some light relief may like to check progress of my crop, being grown as part of Movember to raise awareness and funds for the Cancer Society’s work on prostate cancer and the Mental Health Foundation’s work on depression in men – both great causes.

Those who caught the discussion at the beginning of the month will recall that I was undecided on style. Unfortunately that is still true, with a recent decision to also allow the bottom parts of the branches (there must be a mo vocabulary somewhere, but I haven’t got a clue) to grow, despite having shaved them for the first 10 days. Results to date are pictured at the rally this week at Parliament of motorcyclists against the ACC levy hike.


The early days of people not noticing have largely now passed (thankfully) and been replaced by instances where people seem more likely to notice the mo than me. It is very curious to have to introduce myself to people I know quite well, but who have failed to recognise me.

Anyway, further sculpting suggestions very welcome, but more welcome still would be your donations to my personalised donations page.

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  1. wekaontheroof wrote:

    “BTW GF had to look up cardoon— the meaning was far more boring then I had imagined it to be”

    is it anything like a Muldoon?

  2. Well an upswept look with waxed tips (a la Salvador Dali) … could serve as a temp fill in for Rod’s braces and Nandoor’s dreads.

  3. No very funny Greenfly
    keep it up
    BTW GF had to look up cardoon— the meaning was far more boring then I had imagined it to be

  4. hehe.

    distinguished, responsible, dashing

    – my, what a lot of the standard colonial attributes of manhood come screaming up out of the kiwi vocabulary when one resurrects the habit of moustaches.

    My honours course in Queer Studies had so much more to say about expressions of masculinities in NZ, but this little exercise every year gives tactile proof of our deep conditioning for ‘manliness’.
    However, I shall refrain from scaring the horses and merely add my compliments to the ‘tache farmer. Good luck on the fundraising end of the game, too.
    Very distinguished, m’sieur…. 😉

  5. you look like either a younger john/hone carter..(shudder..!..)

    or a member of hitlers’ inner-circle..

    shave it off..!

    prostates be damned ..!


  6. Kevin, respect!!

    Not only do our male Green MP’s have the balls to stand up for our environment and social issues, but also to withstand the lack of smooches and loving at home, due to the false impression that a hairy man badge is unattractive!

    I see John, Bill, Nick and Gerry aren’t growing one…

    Out in the middle of nowhere they were home at night, their fat and psychopathic wives, would thrash them within inches of their lives!

    Go Kevin, shine on you crazy diamond!

  7. Too busy weka, working ‘paper’ on the computer, and constantly in need of distraction! I’ll be free of my chains shortly, then it’s into the cardoon bed and no more trite puns from me!
    (was ‘must dash’ not funny? I’m disappointed in myself!)

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