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NZ and its strange love of voting down anti-nuke resolutions

September 30, 2009 Kennedy Graham 24

New Zealand Nat-Lab Governments have prided themselves in recent years over their pristine nuclear-free policy. In the mid-1980s, we helped lead in the Pacific initiative to create the South Pacific Nuclear-free Zone. Then, unsatisfied with the weakness of the regional zone in allowing nuclear-armed warships to enter the harbours of treaty states, we legislated in Parliament against their entry into our own.

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She was asking for it

September 29, 2009 Kevin Hague 42

Reaction from Auckland motorists to the Greg Paterson bicycle incident has been largely unsympathetic in today’s Herald, especially the editorial. The implicit argument from drivers Read More

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Frog Week with Gerry and Tim

September 29, 2009 NZ Green Party 3

It’s frog week! My favourite week of the year. But this one comes under a large grey cloud. My local native frog rellies have not been faring well for a while. They’re threatened by all sorts already. But now they have a new predator – Gerry with his sidekick Tim. All New Zealand’s native frog species are now threatened by mining.

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