Melissing the point

A lot has been said already about Melissa Lee’s comment that the motorway would keep South Auckland criminals out of Mt Albert.

While she did eventually apologise, I was surprised to hear her comment when she was pressed on the issue by Auckland University students yesterday.

“You guys are students so you obviously don’t watch television, I’ve actually apologised”.

While I don’t consider not watching TV to be much of an insult, it was hardly a gracious acknowledgement of her mistake. The clip is here.

I am straining to hear that tone of humility that one normally associates with apologies.

I got the same impression when I watched her explain why she wasn’t showing up to debate the “Supercity” with the other Mt Albert Candidates.

“I’ve got plans”.

Maybe I’m hard of hearing or maybe Ms Lee is tone deaf.

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  1. BluePeter Says:
    May 22nd, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    1. Labour
    2. National
    3. Green
    4 ACT

    Let’s hear yours…… ”

    ok dude

    Labour 44%
    Nat 28%
    Green 17%
    Act 5%
    unknown 6%

  2. Funny thing the left has with racism. They know that mellisa Lees comments were racist as the truth is that the truth is racist, but you have to subscribe to the alternative explanation which the left can come up with (albeit a little convoluted).

  3. thankee Toad – i’ve been tryin to find my country these last ten years – o/s for twenty years and I don’t know where that fabulous, brave and promising land went… of the many striking things about kiwi’s is how they undervalue their own.

  4. Nandor was a very effective Green MP, but he hated the toxicity of the Parliamentary environment (in particular question time) and he hated the lifestyle having to be away from his family for long period of time.

    If he changed his mind and decided he wants to be an MP again I’m sure he would command a high position on the Green Party list.

  5. Now is the time for all good women to come to the aid of the Party (couldn’t resist)
    Cliches quotes etc…i liked this one

    “Our job this day is to become part of the answer to the world’s immense and protracted suffering rather than continuing our ancient task of being part of the difficulty.”
    : Hugh Prather – Author, minister

    So how about it Nandor? – Mt Albert should be a walk up start 4 ye

  6. externalize assertively
    with gleefull abandon?
    perfected a royal ‘wave’ that is fantastic in it’s dismissiveness.
    D’ye think they’ll put Nandor up for a Seat?

  7. ok i remember…you look up from your glass of champagne and shout
    “I wonder what the Poor people are doing now?”
    “What Ever it is – it’s Far too good for them!!….faaar too good…”
    i met the pm in the members on mcg’s boxong day…..that’d count i reckon.

  8. No but I’m greatfull for the education; a snivelling yankee carpet-bagger? A whistle-blowing ache south of the eyes?
    Let’s see here; we got headaches backaches, mouthaches and bills to pay
    oh dear…..sporting of you to warn me what?
    Something about it is eerily familiar Fly – please, take a breath and elaborate will you?

  9. ‘High Tory’ is a dialect you mightn’t have heard of Mark. It’s characterised by its pinched nasal whine and narrow range of vocabulary, consisting mainly of phrases used by financiers and dowagers.

  10. um…yeah sorry i’m late fly…..only as a ‘devils advocate’ kind of thing…’s actually fun to bounce international thinking amongst some of the shaggy headed. sheltered, cloistered, sleepy and silent, teary-eyed kiwi’s gettin’ around.. no a high tory would be a contradiction in terms in my book – but it’s all still a good laugh!

  11. # BluePeter Says:
    May 22nd, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    > Right kahikatea. I suspect the resident Greens aren’t picking the outcome because they know their man Russel hasn’t a hope of winning.

    I would describe myself as one of the resident greens, and I think Russel has a chance of winning. Not a big chance, but he’s the only candidate who still might beat Shearer.

    My pick is:
    1. Shearer
    2. Norman
    3. Lee
    4. Boscawen

  12. BluePeter – you say (of the Greens) They’re different! One born every minute, eh.
    This is good news indeed! I haven’t done the maths, but it looks as though we’ll very soon have a majority in the country and we’ll be swept to power! Is this another of your predictions Blue?

  13. You think any government gives a toss about you or me, Greenfly? I would have thought it was a self-evident truth we live in a benign dictatorship.

    Oh, that’s right – but the Greens reaaallly carrre. They’re different!

    One born every minute, eh.

    Meanwhile, the man from left says something very sensible:

  14. I think the red turban is pretty telling, as is the statement “The “blatant disregard for people’s views and a dictatorial streak”

    Right. Like the last nine years have been nothing but freedom and liberty…..

  15. Yeah toad, they’re sikh of it already. (note: I realise that that is very lame )
    BluePeter – here’s something to take your mind off the situation that you find crumbling around you in Mt Albert. It’s a very concerning development in the sphere of wind-farming (you know, greens love them).

  16. Did National really say this:

    We do not subscribe to the view that big is necessarily better, and note that some of the highest consumer satisfaction surveys come from small councils.

    cough! cough! choke! choke!

  17. A group that is being picked-on rallies and does better? Keep up your constant denigration of the Greens here, BluePeter, we’re FEEDING off it! 🙂

  18. 1. Green (easily)
    2. Labour (come and see us when you’re ready to talk)
    3. Bill and Ben (congratulations guys!)
    4. Who cares.

  19. Right kahikatea. I suspect the resident Greens aren’t picking the outcome because they know their man Russel hasn’t a hope of winning.

  20. Russel may indeed come third, but he also has a better chance of winning that Melissa Lee does.

    Boscawen’s idea that it is now between himself and Shearer is ridiculous. In the last election, a large number of people who gave their party vote to National in Mt Albert gave their candidate vote to Helen Clark, and David Shearer is to the right of Helen Clark. At least as many National supporters who are dissatisfied with Lee will vote Shearer as will vote Boscawen.

  21. It’s not difficult, Greenfly. If a group feel that they are being persecuted, then you saying they aren’t is irrelevant. Persist with your attack-the-messenger line if you must….

    Let’s hear your pick in terms of the outcome, since you’re so sure I’m wrong.

  22. BluePeter – it would follow then, that it doesn’t matter what you think either, therefore, I’ll disregard your suggestion that any vote Lee might get will be a racially-based one.

  23. BluePeter, I don’t think most Asians identify as “Asian” – they identify with their former nationality and within that with ethnic and religious groupings.

    I suspect some people of Indian ethnic origins in Mount Albert are already pissed off that bumbling Melissa was foisted upon them as a the National candidate instead of Ravi Musuku who stood there in the last two elections.

  24. It doesn’t matter what you think, Greenfly, it only matters what the Asian voters of Mt Albert think.

    The same people who were predicting Greens over 10% in the election are predicting Russel to win in Mt Albert.


    He might get third….

  25. Asian bashing? No BluePeter, just a tory tripping, stumbling and falling on her face. Would have happened to her no matter what her genetic make-up. Speaking of make-up, her ‘rendevous’ with David Hartnell in the car park was cloyingly fatuous and repulsive at the same time. She’ll hope that won’t make it any further than the gossip shows. “You couldn’t buy exposure like this he opined greasily.

  26. People seem to forget that a lot of Asians live in Mt Albert, and what do you think they’re going to do if they perceive there to be Asian bashing, hmmm?

  27. Yep I’m at the feeling sorry for her stage too. Utterly hopeless, yet forced to continue on regardless. Ouch

  28. Gotta say I feel sorry for ms Lee now. No matter what you think of her politics she’s been through a hell of a lot on a personal level. Constant heckling from the media have knocked her quite badly. It’s also contributed little to highlight the issues that really matter to the people of Mt Albert. I for one would now like to hear a reasoned debate where the candidates are judged according to the policies they (and their parties) want to implement. That alone should be more than enough bulldoze ms Lee chances.

  29. Yeah that was hilarious. I think that the question meant “have you run this past Rodney (the district)” but Penny Webster thought he meant “Rodney” Hide.

    It would be interesting if Rodney & Franklin weren’t included.

    My original submission was that the ARC should stay but we should have two District Councils: Urban Auckland and Rural Auckland. It’s starting to sound like a better and better idea.

  30. Yer – I am speaking to both people who are thinking of Voting for Melissa – cos they’re not actually thinking at all….

  31. ‘Sunrise’ gave you plenty of air-time this morning Russel, and seemed very taken with your use of the ‘Grand Theft Auckland’ sound-bite. In fact they played 5 versions of it! Good result! They ‘revealed’ Shearers use of ‘hand-written notes’ (oooooooooh!) and Lees fawning over David Hartnell (eeeeeeeeewwww!).
    You’re doing very well.

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