Greens win in historic by-election

Could this historic Green win in Australia over the weekend be a portent of things to come in Mt Albert?

The Greens’ historic win in the ALP stronghold of Fremantle hinged on Liberal voters out to punish Labor, WA Opposition Leader Eric Ripper says.

Greens candidate Adele Carles made history with her victory in Saturday’s Fremantle by-election, becoming the party’s first MP elected to the lower house of the WA parliament.

This is the first time the seat has fallen out of Labor hands since 1924.

Pretty spooky similarities! A seat that has always been held by Labour falls to the Greens as disgruntled Tories back the Green candidate. Hmmm.

It might just happen here, ya know!

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  1. Well the Natties still stand for the “Larger Auckland Metropolis” and the destruction of houses in this area. Offer GV + 50% to the Homeowners and they might swing right.
    The free market y’know; but Green issues have grown since the general Election – and lets not be vague; Labour Lost that election. A classic case of a Government being voted out.
    Dr Russ embodies the dignity of Green principles more than adequately – so many changes for this area lately, it may well be a bellringer.
    I think Kiwi’s are becoming less and less willing to vote along purely racial lines.
    We are too socially diverse.
    Similarly people here vote along secular lines.
    But houses are the bread and butter of funding – destroying them is not usually fiscally bouyant.
    Apart from issues of Heritage and Continuum. I left Mt Albert in 1975, but it was pretty nice then – not freeway material at all.

  2. If one reads the article linked to though, it should be pointed out that there was no Liberal candidate standing.

    I hardly think National would have taken a perceived blow to its prestige by not standing in Mt Albert (since this is a ‘serious’ by-election, in contrast to Winston’s ‘silly’ Tauranga one).

    I do find it amusing that National is appealing for the ‘Asian’ vote with a Korean candidate…an analogy might be that it is somewhat like appealing for the entire North American vote by standing a Bahamanian :-). Still at least National have now reached the tokenism stage. I wonder how long it will take to get past that…

    An interesting challenge for Labour and Greens as a whole is attracting the Asian vote in Auckland, National and Act were onto that years ago…and let’s not forget who were in government when many of that current Asian population first bought a NZ passport, sorry, immigrated.

  3. Peter Quixote has given you the ‘thumbs up’ Fwog, for your blog and at the same time told Farrar that his has become a diatribe. Well done, Green One!

  4. Yeah! Refine your policies and Go Green….could do well here, though Australia might be ahead of us a little, we’ll see hey? Gotta easily triple Green numbers I’d think…all bets are off!

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