100% Pure Irony

The Minister of Tourism, John Key, has just announced “an additional $2.5 million immediately to boost tourism promotion in Australia.” It includes putting money into: “Extending the current 100% Pure New Zealand” campaign in Australia.

Meanwhile, the Government continues to bullrush its way through many of the environmental initiatives and investment needed to at least hold onto the vestiges of 100% purity – indeed, the direction at the moment is to undermine it completely. This week it is reduced public transport investment; last week cuts to Ministry for the Environment initiatives, and wet bus ticket responses to our polluted waterways. They even contravene their own pro-business rhetoric, and whip support from underneath business-led sustainability

So we spend money enticing tourists here; and cut spending on cleaning up the very thing they want to visit. This MfE report valued our clean green image at between $530 and $938 million – for the tourism sector alone.

John Key said in his statement: “New Zealand tourism is operating in a very challenging environment because of the global economic crisis…”

Obviously this Government continues to be only able to consider one “challenging environment” at a time.

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  1. 100% pure is a marketing slogan. Surely you’re not suggesting we can achieve “100% purity” – whatever that means.

    The slogan will never be in jeopardy, because we are underpopulated, and – 100% hysterical ranting of greens aside – clean and green in terms of appearance.

    That’s not to say we can’t do better, but to say Nationals tidying up of wasteful Labour schemes will damage our image with potential overseas visitors is 100% pure nonsense.

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