Cold Medicines- why not protect our children?

Good on the UK authorities for ordering warning labels on cold medicines that have been linked to disastrous side effects. The warnings say that the medicines can’t be given to children under 6 and shouldn’t be given to under 12s.

I think it’s really worrying that over here our Government is dithering and taking a wait and see approach and will be sticking with the latest batch of labels that only have warnings about under 2s.

Clearly, they haven’t heard of the precautionary principle i.e. stop children using these medicines until there is evidence that they can be used safely.  Instead they want to wait and see if more children suffer, and potentially even die before doing something about it.

Why wait??  Both Canada and the UK authorities have warned against children under 6 being given these medicines on the basis that they are ineffective and they can cause harm, allergies and even death – but this is not enough for Medsafe.

In what seems to be a bit of a contradictory position – Medsafe’s  Dr Jessamine has also been quoted as saying the British review does not surprise them as other studies in the US and Canada back up the findings. So again- why are we are we waiting for further evidence??
 I reckon the Government needs to stop dithering and change the warnings as soon as possible!! 
Products covered by the British warnings

Further information on the UK and Canadian approach

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  1. the bioneer,

    – “How do you know they were muslims?”

    Did I say anything about the terrorists being muslim?

  2. Hey Bro: Now is the time for 12 brave Kiwi’s to form a ‘Presidents’ Team to tour Pakistan. Come on dude – I’m in it. Can bowl left arm anythings and figure its best to hold the skinny end of the bat.
    We can’t let cowards do this, and worse, succeed – the hell with terrists….what’ye say?

  3. Having watched footage from TV3 this evening, I can’t believe the amount of total tripe that has been stated here.

    The Sri Lankan conflict is, as Kahikatea said, between two ethnically diverse groups of HINDI. Not muslims. Got nothing to do with cricket.

    The location, Pakistan, is not as important as the target, in defining what this event is about.

    Having spoken to some Tamils in Wellington just recently, when they came to petition our Parliament for aid to stop the genocide in northern Sri Lanka, I know that the current issues facing the Sri Lankan peoples are incredibly complicated, and of at least 25 years standing.

    Keith is also very aware of these issues.

    Back on-topic, after the thread hi-jack:

    Children’s medicines are a lot less regulated than when I was a young mother – we barely gave our toddlers paracetamol, let alone any of these cough mixes with pseudo-ephedrines and suchlike in them.
    I wouldn’t take half of those preparations myself, let alone spoon them into a small child. The bigger picture view here is the unregulated marketing of over-the-counter preparations, on which drug companies push the envelope of decency on a regular basis. Direct-to-consumer marketing of drugs didn’t used to be allowed here; that change in itself has led to greater possibilities for unintentional harm.

    Anyone remember the first year Xenical was available in NZ?
    People rushed to their Dr’s and demanded the stuff, without any reference to the prescribing protocols or contra-indications, leading to mass outbreaks of embarrassing ‘anal leakage’ in patients who really shouldn’t have been on the stuff.
    At least they were adults, and had only themselves to blame when it got messy.

    And the marketing campaign changed radically, pretty smartly, lol.
    Along with the usual outbreak of concerned advice from dieticians and excercise specialists, to remind the mildly obese that some simple behaviour modification was a much better response to seasonal overweight, than trotting to the Dr for a bottle of pills.

  4. Not sure why you’d compare taking the word of the Pakistan Greens (and I’ve no reason to believe they were wrong in their statement to Keith at the time they made it) with the likes of the Taliban or Pol Pot.

    As big bro can attest because we’ve discussed it so many times, Keith never supported Pol Pot per se. He welcomed the change in regime in 1975, because the previous one was so bad. Just about every Western govt did the same, including the then National govt here. Pol Pot was not a household name at that time. When it became known that he and the KR were even worse, Keith was among the first in NZ to condemn them. It was the NZ govt who supported Pol Pot for several more years before finally cutting ties, again along with many Western countries. Winston Peters was in Parliament as a National MP during the time they supported the KR, which is ironic, as he was the main culprit in Parliament more recently who started the myth that Keith was a fan of Pol Pot.

    I don’t know anything about Keith supporting the Taliban – please post a link.

  5. Is his support and conviction for his Pakistan greens as strong as his one time support for pol pot, or the Taliban in Afganistan? Or will this be something else he is wrong about?

  6. Good link, big bro. There’s a first time for everything, I’m happy to admit. It doesn’t mention the Taliban, which is what I was objecting to, as I don’t think Keith ever made such a claim about them in particular. But I admit that’s splitting hairs, and this is a silly statement in hindsight at least.

  7. Just wondering, which intelligence services around the world use the Pakistan greens as a source for a gauge of the country’s safety of foreign travelers? Perhaps, our very Keith is used by the Poms own MI6 when they send their cricket team down these parts.

  8. >>no cricket players had ever been targeted by terrorist groups in that country

    Reality bites Keith in the a**, once again….

  9. Returning to the topic of the original post, you say: “they [the government] want to wait and see if more children suffer, and potentially even die before doing something about it.”
    Yet the (UK) link you provide has no such hysterical babble, it just mildly advises that: “The new package represents a proportionate move to improving the balance of risks and benefits for these medicines. People using these products for children, or have used them in the past, do not need to worry. Neither do shelves need to be cleared.
    The MHRA review did not identify in this age-group the safety issues of the kind which prompted our action in under-2s in March 2008. But the review found no robust evidence that these medicines work and they can cause side effects, such as allergic reactions, effects on sleep or hallucinations.”

    Why has everything got to be a panic with you people? Can’t you behave like adults even once? Do you get a thrill out of posting unsupported scaremongering nonsense?

  10. Lets let Keith speak for himself.

    “The danger of anything happening to our cricketers is minimal.
    He said the Greens in Pakistan had told him that cricket was the love of the nation and no cricket players had ever been targeted by terrorist groups in that country.”

    What do the greens in Pakistan say now?

  11. Big Bro, if they had been attacked by homegrown Sri Lankan terrorists, would you be saying that all Hindus were terrorists? because the Sri Lankan terrorists are Hindus.

  12. naturalhighNZ,

    -“And in with the racism, how predictable.”

    Remind me, what race are Muslims again?

  13. “You think in such black and white terms BB…”

    Yep, I sure do when there are millions of people who practise a religion that sees the destruction of the western world as one of its main priorities.

    Just where are these “moderate” Muslims you talk about?

  14. Oh yes, let me guess, its all the fault of the USA.

    No doubt you excuse the terrorists as well, after all they are repressed by the nasty Yanks.

    Frankly you make me sick.

    You think in such black and white terms BB… it’s not hard to imagine that some Muslims are terrorists and some aren’t, and that it’s not easy to tell which is which- (hence why we haven’t caught all the Muslim terrorists yet, let alone all the terrorists of other races) but apparently that idea is too complicated for you, so you just assume someone is blaming the US even though as far as we know this bombing has nothing to do with them in the first place, and the person you were replying to didn’t even mention the USA.

    Tell me, do you think before you speak sometimes, or are you naturally thus much of a knee-jerker? 😛

  15. Oh yes, let me guess, its all the fault of Keith.

    Once again, we get to ask for some proof of your lies, just one little link to a credible report would do for a start.

    Once again, we wait for your excuses for not doing so. Or maybe you’ll just run away like you have on other threads.

    Like all bullies, you are a coward.

  16. Oh yes, let me guess, its all the fault of the USA.

    No doubt you excuse the terrorists as well, after all they are repressed by the nasty Yanks.

    Frankly you make me sick.

  17. And in with the racism, how predictable. If only you were able to consider that possibly these conflicts are a little deeper than some pissed off ‘Muslims’.

  18. Mark

    Some of Keith’s good old Muslim mates (you know, the peaceful ones) have decided that they would like to try and kill half a dozen of the Sri Lankan team, reports are a bit sketchy at this stage but it seem there are many wounded and possibly even some fatalities.

    Such peace loving people these Muslims.

  19. Being called Keif is a Big Handicap – Keif Richard, Kief Holyoke, Kief Mussolini….which rotter has dared attacked a cricketer Bro?

  20. Speaking of warning labels

    Was it not Keith Locke who said that our cricket team would be safe in Pakistan because the Taleban love cricket and would never attack the players?

    I wonder how Keith is feeling now.

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