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  1. Catherine’s grandson arrived last week when she was to be sworn in, so that didn’t occur until this week, and her maiden has been postponed until about mid Feb.

  2. Tena Koe, e Kevin. Arohatinonui kia a koe, kia ora mo too korero.

    Frog –
    who woulda believed that Parliament makes a great backdrop for sitting wrapping xmas presents at home?

    I am uplifted and encouraged, and I wish both Kevin & Kennedy a fruitful term in the House.

    BTW, when’s Cath’s one going up? 🙂

  3. I long for a day when a politician delivers a maiden speech which goes something like this “You know whom i am, you know what it is that I stand for, and your stuck with me for the next three years. I thank you” and saves us the self-rightous drivel

  4. Promoting the treaty as an objective is not helpful as it is a mirage (in effect). At one end it is ownership of everything not securely held in private title plus a range of cultural responsibilities; at the other it is Moari taught in schools (or whatever).
    Not to mention that the Moari (of which we speak) is (perhaps) a person who has more European ancestors that Moari but being Moari is a “cultural identity”.

  5. Language was primarily meant for communication however it can also be used as a political tool.
    The treaty was made under duress (strange as it may seem) that’s why it has never been honoured (over his head that point no doubt).
    “The world wide network of Green Parties…” hint that Green is just a colour like Purple. The truth is that the Greens are too left-wing for many people to join which means that support for sustainablilty issues suffers (humans are the issue not just the system). The problem is that new members are put off joining.
    Social Justice is a principle but not a rule so who decides what is just in each case. We now have a massive recession and I wonder about the wisdom of providing incentives for people to have children with out thought of what part they will play in providing for them.

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