Good for manufacturers

The Manufacturers and Exporters Association put out a list of policies that it thinks are critical to the economy.  I don’t always agree with everything the MEA says, although it has been a strong supporter of Buy Kiwi Made.  But interestingly, looking at this list, I reckon the Greens would probably out perform the other parties:

  1. The use of a broader range of policy tools to control inflation that support trade weighted interest and exchange rates.  Consistently lower and more stable interest and exchange rates are necessary to encourage long-term investment in productive exporting businesses.
  2. A Research and Development (R&D) tax credit to encourage innovation and the development of new products across the real economy.
  3. A first year write-off for productive plant and patent expenditure to encourage investment in new product development and intellectual property protection.
  4. Balanced taxation on both capital and revenue accounts.
  5. Enforcing national product standards to ensure local producers and importers are on a level playing field.
  6. Mandatory country of origin labelling to give consumers choice and enhance the value of the ‘New Zealand’ brand.

We have definite and distinguishing policy on points 1, 2, 5 and 6.  After a quick search I can’t find anything on the other two points but I’m sure some commenters will be able to enlighten me below.

The Greens have a detailed and supportive policy on sustainable manufacturing, including continuing to promote Buy Kiwi Made and support the initiatives of manufacturers to work collaboratively.  Local manufacturing plays a key part in sustainable, diverse local economies that can support themselves.  An economy that needs to import vast amounts of goods is not only vulnerable to peak oil and climate change, it also lacks diverse jobs for its workers and is more exposed to global financial crises.