Meet the Candidates, Tukituki

The Bay Buzz covered a local Forest and Bird candidate debate in the Tukituki electorate last night.  It seems the sitting MPs tried to dominate the event:

It was mostly the Rick[Barker, Labour] and Craig [Foss, National] show, with an occasional reminder from expert witness Quentin [Duthie] that without the Greens around as babysitter, the children in Parliament could be up to even worse mischief.

But Barker and Foss didn’t entirely succeed:

All in all, I came away with the impression that only one of these five candidates wakes up most mornings thinking about what he might do to protect or nurture the environment … that would be Quentin.

Quentin has got his own report of the debate here. Meanwhile, a bit further away we’ve also been getting coverage in Victoria for our Braybrooke candidate Rayna Fahey.

Rayna Fahey, Melbourne

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  1. She wrote :

    “When Captain Cook left England to conquer new land in the name of the King, he did so with explicit instruction to negotiate with people found in distant lands for the acquisition of land. Captain Cook directly disobeyed this order in Australia, defying the highest human authority of his people, and to this day has not been brought to account. Cook completely disregarded the spiritual laws that had been governing this continent for millennia and set about beginning one of the worst free-for-all land grabs in the history of colonisation.”

    As she was one of Nandors advisers this could help explain the radical stance on Treaty issues.

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