Leonardo DiCaprio on how to vote

“I’m going to vote for the candidate that I believe has the better environmental policy. I think that in the last eight years we could have done an incredible amount to change this country; be less reliant on foreign oil and start to develop alternative ways of getting energy through wind and solar power. I wish we’d have done that in the last eight years, but we didn’t. So I’m going to vote in a way where I feel that we’re going to start to finally make that transition.”

He was probably talking about the US elections, but who knows maybe he had a prescient eye to Aotearoa too?

This election should be representative of the youth movement. We have to get younger voters out there to really represent this country unlike ever before.  Because they’re the ones that are going to be inheriting this country.

Photo credit: antjeverena

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  1. I don’t mind DiCaprio doing that. A few years ago, a certain movie director was at a university, and he was encouraging people to vote for the Green Party candidate instead of the Democratic Party candidate. That particular year was 2000; the university was in Florida, and the movie director was Michael Moore. Need I say more?

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