Car Free Day – some more propaganda from Chevrolet

As we prepare for Car Free Day on September 22, here’s more from the Prelinger Archives. This particular piece of Chevrolet’s automobile pomposity is excused, due to having been filmed in 1933. Watch the impact that cars were having on our environment and communities (including the “Borneo Wild man”) even 75 years ago.

[Frog: Mercifully, I have managed to kill the autoplay feature of this embedded video. Hit the play button for this blast from the past]

Oh, and the link to part one and part two which is not embedded above.

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  1. Well done frog – that autoplay is really annoying on a number of your video clips – particularly when the computer suddenly bursts into music as my partner is trying to sleep…

    Are there any IE settings I can set to disable autoplay on the receiving end?


  2. Priceless. While modern car ads gloss over the environmental impact, in bygone times it was a cause for celebration.

    “Look at the amount of coal, asbestos and lead we’re using — and isn’t this massive deforestation brilliant? Now watch us crash-test the vehicles using endangered species!”

  3. Yes, that is indeed how I killed it. I had looked for autoplay earlier, and it had been non-wrapped and off the page. Mercifully, it’s dead now!

  4. Can we have that video NOT play automatically??? Whenever i go to the blog’s home page it starts playing even though it’s waaay down the list and I’m not looking at it!

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