The water, like a witch’s oils, burnt green, and blue and white

A public health report released on the West Coast yesterday found none of the region’s reticulated drinking water sources met official drinking standards.

Nationwide, 15 per cent of water supplies failed to meet official drinking water standards but on the West Coast, not a single reticulated water source met official standards, which required a four-stage process to eradicate the risk of contamination.

The report itself notes the causes:

“…are the mining industry by polluting our waterways with silts and heavy metals; and the farming industry, mainly dairy, polluting water with faecal material, nitrates and silts…”

It’s ironic given how much the mining industry likes to say it gives back to West Coasters.  I doubt they realised they were being given this return orally.  An ‘outraged’ Russel said of the report:

It comes at a time when polluting industries appear to have the ear of the Government and are slowing official moves to make our waters safe for activities such as swimming, let alone going as far as making them safe for drinking.”

Like yesterday I’m raising the simple question; if we are going to talk about healthcare and policies this election, hadn’t we better start with the easy to solve things that are making people sick and unwell, like food and water, as well as the hard to solve stuff that latter makes us better, like expensive pharmacology and hospital waiting lists?

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  1. yous fwog don’t want to burst out into fancy new wordpower fwwog with things like them witches oils with burning blue and green,
    but then again fwwog it good you see blue and green, so do I.

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