Germany’s Green-Conservative alliance

Following on from Kiwiblog’s promotional efforts on behalf of the New Zealand Greens yesterday it is interesting to note that in the port city of Hamburg Germany’s Christian Democrats and Greens have just signed regional coalition agreement. The Christian Democrats are led nationally by chancellor Angle Merkel and are Germany’s largest Conservative Party.  The Christian Democrats have traditionally been openly hostile with the German Greens.  And Merkel and Green Leader Jurgen Tritten are suggesting that hostility will likely continue at a national level.

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  1. “both the CDU and CSU have laid bare their inhumanity and intolerance towards foreigners. Both stand for a sharp limit to immigration and the abolition of the constitutional right to asylum, and hope to gain political capital from campaigns on these issues.

    Three days before the Berlin demonstration, the CDU had already presented its new immigration policy. On the one hand, its white paper tries to comply with the business community’s demand for qualified foreigner workers and to promote the legal framework this will require. For the first time since the imposition of a general recruitment freeze on non-EU (European Union) foreigners in the 1970s, the CDU is now acknowledging the necessity for a limited degree of immigration into Germany.

    At the same time, barriers against unwanted foreigners—and this means refugees in particular—are being further increased. The economic and national interests of Germany are to have express priority over humanitarian and democratic principles.”

    Democratic principles???

    Maybe this could throw light on why the left in the Green Party set priorities?

  2. I think that where we are at (climate change, peak oil, population) it is time to “make all things new”; not drag along old ideologies from the past.

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