Keith vs Winston. Round 2

For those of you who enjoyed the debate in Parliament last week between Keith and Winston Peters, I’m pleased to announce that today it continues, with Keith intending to ask the following question in the house:

Keith Locke to the Minister of Foreign Affairs:
What human rights abuses, if any, would lead him to advise the Prime Minister to reconsider the April signing of a preferential trade agreement with China?

While we’re waiting, here’s Keith’s speech yesterday on the Government’s motion expressing concern about the situation in Tibet.

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  1. I used to enjoy debate in parliament but now I realise its mostly childish bickering, as for the question of the FTA and Tibet, why should this incident affect the FTA its not like china is doing anything different that its done in the past. The question is going to be wasted he will just fob it off with like most questions that are asked in that place.

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