Flying towards Chinese wages

News that Air New Zealand crew based in China are being paid Chinese wages despite doing the same job as New Zealand based crew working on the same route probably should be applauded. After all, it is exactly the sort of efficiency that a free trade agreement with China will be trying to encourage upon the 250,000 New Zealand involved in manufacturing in this country.  After all, it’s all savings and profit for Air New Zealand’s shareholder.

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  1. Interestingly, over at Kiwiblog, DPF is siding with the Chinese workers, much to the annoyance of oneor two of the extreme right wingers. There may be some hope for him yet.

  2. toad dude,
    chinese money due now, we have to pay now,
    you have to get real fast, USA currency
    useless unless yo going to Canada with me next year,

    than after that to Euro then to CCPPS Chinese republic of the world
    this is faster than even John Key predicted, much faster,
    that Cullen he pick up milliions of good powerfuL $NZ dollar BY declaring South Island as a STRATEGIC ASSET
    my opinion Toad dude is to keep a good $NZ and a good country

  3. depends what you consider the important economic indicators, peterquixote. Some would say the sharemarket, but I don’t think they are realistic about what an “economy”actually is.

    Personally, my most important economic indicator is the wage of the lowest paid worker – a healthy economy that is environmentally sustainable and politically sustainable must provide a reasonable living standard for its workers.

    Otherwise, they will either eventually rebel against their employers by force, or tell their employers to get stuffed and go and fell a rainforest, exhaust a fishery, or do something else that is unsustainable for a living.

  4. sure is tough rules fwwog, but iIont hear of anyone that can stop this reality of chinese currency yet, also fwwog in the sharemarket consolidation throughjoput Western world, China is performing best, salute here fwwog,

  5. In fact it is likely given the low yield revenue from the Shanghai that flights to China would end otherwise – and one or more Chinese airlines would operate it instead, paying less than Air NZ and taking all of the tourists.

    You could argue that Air NZ should pay all its crew the UK rate, since it has UK based crew too – and then it would go out of business as it would have higher fares than all foreign airlines serving NZ.

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