Food chemicals pose cancer risks for growers

I thought gardening might be soothing, but according to research released this week by Massey University’s Centre for Public Health Research workers in plant nurseries are four times more likely to develop the cancer Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, with apple and pear growing associated with a five-fold risk. The researchers attribute this risk to exposure to the chemical pesticides. The research doesn’t mention the rate of cancer amongst the pests, but I suspect that is quite high too.The reearchers also noted that hairdressers and sewing machinists faced an increased risk of bladder cancer, probably due to the chemical benzidine, which is common in hair and fabric dyes.

Of course, the bloody unions are up in arms about the whole thing, making unreasonable demands such as raised awareness of the issue and meetings with the Department of Labour, Occupational Safety and Health and the ACC. Next thing you’ll know consumers will be getting all uppity about whether their apples and pears actually need to be sprayed with cancerous pesticides or their clothes dipped in benzidine.

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  1. Sorry foxhound. I have no idea why the auto-moderator plucked your comment out. I deleted the second, shorter attempt.

  2. Eating one or more portions of broccoli every week can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, and the risk of localised cancer becoming more aggressive.For the first time, a research group at the Institute of Food Research led by Professor Richard Mithen has provided an explanation of how eating broccoli might reduce cancer risk based upon studies in men, as opposed to trying to extrapolate from animal models.

  3. Damn it i pick apples every autumn (nice little earner). seem to be pretty clean at this orchard though, always daddy-long-legs to be found, so i’ll cross my fingers that its ok – they spray the braeburns to red them up and i steer well clear of that….

    intersting about the vegan dogs phil. nice work. being such a cheap-skate my poor dog lives on generic dog biscuits. in theory they should be able to make vegan ones, but that would be like Irvines making apple pies as well as meat ones…(as if anyone would want to buy apple pies, sheesh)

  4. Glad I lucked out by getting work at an organic orchard last summer then – though they still spray about a dozen different types of…stuff, like milk powder of all things.

    So what the HECK do you feed a vegan dog then?

  5. this might amuse you..

    i had to take baby dog to a vet up nth..(broken leg..long story..)

    anyway..i week checkup..

    at the end..

    i said to him..

    ‘um..!..what are your thoughts on vegan dogs..?

    (he’s a sth african..and harrumphed..”dogs are carnivores!”

    i gently corrected him..reminding him that in fact dogs are omnivores..

    he then said..”dogs have to have some meat..!”

    so i said..’they can’t be vegan..?..then..?..)

    he said ‘no!’..

    i said ..’wait there one minute..!’..

    and went to the vehicle..and got out dog number one..(that he hadn’t seen before..)

    i said to him..’meet lucy..she has been vegan for just under ten years..!’

    (now..lucy is a sleek/fit/shiny/bouncy/very happy dog..

    who is in prime condition..and of who people usually ask..’how old is your puppy..?’

    anyway..the vet was gobsmacked..

    and..(looking for any/some reason/explanation for her shiny coat etc..)..he said..

    “do you bathe her a lot..?..”

    (that was when i ‘slayed’ him..)

    and said..”she has never been bathed..i don’t need to..she dosen’t smell of dead/rotting flesh..”

    vet then calls in other ooh! aah!/scratch their heads..over her..


    then i introduced her six year old half-husky daughter..

    another vegan prime nick..

    shiney nose/sparkling/healthy eyes..

    we then left some vets..with their ‘certainties’ shaken..


  6. phil, in response to your “must read for today” that baby stuff was horrifying!

    I learnt, when looking after my babies, that warm WATER is all that is needed to keep their hair shiny, and their skins clean (and retaining natural oils) and free from nappy rash … and that exposure to bit of sun helps the latter!

    Come to think of it, nappies wahed in water and dried in the sun stay white because the drying process releases ozone (a natural bleaching agent!)

    Tell me again … what do we need all those heavily advertised “products” for?

  7. “The general public have been sufficiently dumbed down to not care. Decades of chemical exposure, retrogressive breeding and phoney education have done the job.”

    What’s “retrogressive breeding”? And can you please type slower so us dumbed down thickies can unnerstant wot you are riting.

  8. It’s a waste of time, the greenies being “all over it like a rash”. The general public have been sufficiently dumbed down to not care. Decades of chemical exposure, retrogressive breeding and phoney education have done the job.

  9. Well Doh! Tell me that this isn’t a surprise to anyone…

    Next there’ll be an announcement that poorly insulated housing is linked to poor health…

  10. you frog..have an institutioal bias against referencing/linking to the more than 14,000 stories lodged at whoar..

    i bring this to your readers..

    it is my ‘must-read!’ for today..

    and really..!..all parents of babies should read it..!


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