Kiwi scientists hold their own at the IPCC

Congratulations to the scientists representing New Zealand at last week’s IPCC conference for not getting all political and sticking to the science. Even on the topic of methane emissions, where NZ is most vulnerable, the Kiwis held their ground and stuck to the numbers. In several areas they helped prevent attempts by some of the big polluters to water down the language or pretend that none of the effects of human induced climate change will happen until after 2100. Click here for all the IPCC Fourth Assessment Reports.

Now, if we could just convince the few remaining politicians and businesspeople around here to to pull their heads from the sand and acknowledge the science, we might be able to get on with the serious work of remaking our corner of the world into a sustainable and just community.

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  1. Even

    The problem is that you are posting Jabberwocky. Everyone else here is understandable… some are wrong, but they usually manage coherent thought…

    Maybe your meds are interacting badly?


  2. The thing you have lost Stuey, is the antithesis of chest thumping and associated hurling around of personal insults.

    Incidently another aspect of DSC is the promotion of knowledge and education as a strong uplifting tenant in society in of itself….this off course includes the ability to read and comprehend Stuey.

  3. the only thing that is lost on me, is how you have the cheek to show your face around here when you’ve basically been exposed as either deluded or a liar.

    the democrats clearly believe in AGW and believe in strong measures to combat AGW

    you said they opposed AGW; that they thought measures to combat AGW were “madness”.

  4. I think they like me, so it wouldn’t be a bad bet.

    But something that is lost on you, Democrats for Social Credit are not about promoting themselves as the be all and end all Stuey.

    DSC is about the promotion of a democratic society and an independent common wealth shared in by all, as such they are not about promoting marching in lock step, brandishing opposing views as deniers and patronage. And people’s opinions do change.

    DSC did actually save my believes in the promise of democracy as it should be…

  5. I bet you the Democrats for Social Credit are really pleased to have you promoting them, even! 😈

    I have a feeling that your views are not at all representative of their policy. I don’t agree that the Democrats can be characterised as opposing AGW when there nothing like that on their website. e.g. search for climate change or search for global warming.

    In fact this article on their site is strongly pro-AGW and it says that we are not going nearly fast enough and we should be on a war footing to combat climate change.

    “We should be working at war-time speed, but there seems to be a collective blindness. This blindness is severely hampered by … sceptics, almost invariably supported by the fossil fuel industry, are doing irreparable damage … by discouraging effective political legislation and action.”

  6. Nothing like blowing your own trumpet and hiding said trumpet under a card board box? Not quite sure what you are on about even and even harder to work out when you do not substatiate or reference anything.

  7. DREAM ON PEOPLE, you have absolutely no idea or inkling of the real issue behind this, and i’m not gonna tell ye either.
    I’ve a pretty good record when it comes to stuff like this, some things when i believed in the greens n made available, have benefited them directly, you only have to open your eyes to see this, and just like then, also flew in the face of the so called truths of the conventional mass and scientific consensus.
    This goes past the fact of the major support set up for saving the planet from the big banking family interests and environmentalist foundations set up by world population eugenics groups(WWF being just one example) with their monuments and mission statements about reducing the world population by at least 80%.
    Beyond all that, there is even a FAR more horrifying and astoundingly wonderful truth behind the global warming and then global cooling phenonmenon which is going to happen, independent of co2 hype and the varying weather modification warfare employed to coerce the entire world into a new organising principle as Al Gore put it.
    You have absolutely no idea.

    P.S. the only real opposition we have to this madness is the foundation for uncynical democracy as advocated here at this link:

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