Norwegian plankton soak up carbon dioxide

Norwegian scientists nearly, oh so nearly, found the answer to our climate change worries. They have just discovered that ‘tiny ocean plankton‘ could reduce global warming by soaking up unexpectedly large amounts of carbon dioxide’.

It looked for a moment like the nay sayers might be right – no need to fuss about climate change because science will step in at the last minute, like it is want to do, and save the day. (I always think this is an odd belief coming as it often does from the people who spend the most time rejecting scientific consensus.)

All we’d need to do is fill the oceans up with lots of these little plankton and let them do their vacuuming trick, right?

Sadly, these carbonated plankton ruin the marine eco-system by acidifying the oceans (and presumably they also give whales gas).

“When plankton die and sink, their decomposition consumes oxygen vital to marine animals living in the depths. “This will enlarge the parts of the oceans that have very little oxygen,” [marine biologist, Ulf] Riebesell told Reuters.

In addition, plankton are food for other marine life and may be less nutritious with a higher carbon content.

“When tiny crustaceans were fed on the carbon-rich plankton, their growth rate and their reproduction rate decreased,” Riebesell said. He likened the shift to that from a healthy salad to a greasy hamburger.

And, given what we have already done to our marine life, it would be one step too far to inflict McDonalds on it too.

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  1. I freely admit that terrorism is a more important issue than custard squares but not plankton which are an essential part of our eco-system.

    On reflection, re-reading my words, I apologise for using the word little. I didn’t mean to imply that the terrorism evidence story was a little story, which I think was what attracted your ire. I just meant frogblog doesn’t have a story on everything.

    I mean personally I was gutted that there wasn’t a story on the UN’s Geo-4 report which I thought was infinitely more important than anything that made it into a post in October, but I didn’t obsessively and repetitively post on here how it was a outrage that there wasn’t a story, that this proves the Greens hidden agenda, or that the Greens should hang their heads in shame that there wasn’t a story.

  2. If Norwegian Plankton (custard square eating or otherwise) were going to make a big difference to global warming, then they would deserve to be the lead story on the news for several nights.

  3. Personally speaking, I was surprised Norwegian custard square eating plankton weren’t the lead story on the news tonight…

  4. Look Stuey, even if we accept your assertion that climate change is more important then terrorism, you have to admit that terrorism is more important then custard squares.

  5. Phil, your posts on this topic (and many others) are very monotonous and obtuse. I still don’t know what you are on about in the above post. Plain English, without the parentheses and ellipses and exclamatories would make it better understood.

    And look at Russel’s other posts on this topic too before replying.

  6. did you include russel normans ‘wishlist’ for election finance ‘reform’….?

    y’know..that list that is ((unerringly) the duplicate of the bill as originally presented to the house..?

    (funny that..!

    or did you ‘frame the debate by omission’ on that one too..?..stuey..?



  7. PEL: “custard squares”

    I do think I have got my priorities straight. I do think that climate change is a more important and pressing worry for humanity than terrorism. I think it has already killed more people than terrorism, and will in the future kill a larger amount of people than terrorism by a factor of hundreds of thousands.

    I think it is you who has his priorities wrong by obsessing about terrorism and by flippantly comparing climate change to custard slices.

  8. Hi Nick, it seems you have a nasty case of reds under the bed today.

    No, we will not be apologising for saying that “the accused are completely innocent” because we never said that. In fact we always said we didn’t know whether they were innocent or guilty. I can go and get the refs if you want.

    This (don’t know whether they were innocent or guilty) is what YOU should be saying as well, because in NZ we have the the concept of innocent until proven guilty and the concept that trial by media is unfair. At least we used to. It seems to have gone out of the window in this case.

    Also, we will not be apologising for “implying that the police are evil for performing these raids” because we never did that either. Can you offer some evidence of the statements that our spokespeople made that gives you this point of view? Maybe then readers can make their own mind up about whether those statements implied that the police were evil.

  9. “frogblog doesn’t have threads about every little thing”-Stuey

    Riiiiiiiiiight. This is ‘little’. Which explains why 6 of the most read articles on stuff are about it, And the entire Dom Post front page plus a lot of the inside.

    It’s quite clear the reason that you wont put this in a thread is because you dont want people reading about the horrors people who are about as left wing and as nutty as you were planning. It is also very embarrasing given that you have been defending these peoples rights and civil liberties, these people who wanted to blow up John Key. Have you people no shame? Will you at least apoligise for implying that the police are evil for performing these raids and that the accused are completely inoccent.

    Oh, I almost forgot. Of course you wont because you are mostly ideologically driven Communists and Anarchists to whom the ends justifies the means.

  10. >>every little thing

    Of course, custard squares are more notable than “committing actions so brutal that the public would think al Qaeda was responsible”.

    Every little thing?

    Nice to see you’ve got your priorities straight.

  11. It’s a pronunciation problem.

    New Zealanders don’t do vowels, they only use one… so the “war on terror” and the “war on terra” are easily confused.


    (Duck and Cover!)

  12. Climate change is a scam by globalist forces.
    The technology is there for weather manipulation(as is for laser guns and EMP’s), the rational behind climate science is usually fradulent, many ice formations are expanding not shrinking as i have linked to in diff. posts-(i am just a layman n that makes me smarter than many climate change advocates who are also just that but fool themselves into thinking they r something else- which isn’t the same thing as saying i’m smart… lol)
    The agenda is completely ruthless, multi-faceted with Global policing for climate change being but one link in the chain(literally), and is also covering up revelations and boons equivalent to coming out of the dark ages in all likelihood.
    The solution is money, public money and all that flows from it.

  13. no stuey..(your disdainful/’aunty’ ‘sniffs’ notwithstanding..)

    frogblog has long held/practised the ethos..

    ‘if you frame the control the debate..’

    so..don’t wanna talk about it..?

    do no stories on

    simple as..!..really…

    and of course..

    the (most recent) example of this is the election finance bill..

    in many ways..a watershed for the greenparty..


    check out how many stories on that subject here at frogblog..?

    that will confirm what i say/my ‘framing’ argument…. summary:..’pull the other one..stuey!’


  14. frogblog doesn’t have threads about every little thing, if you want a blog that does, feel free to frequent another blog (e.g. Hard News has a good thread on this issue). If you have suggestions for threads by all means fill in the frogblog contact us form.

    Greens happen to think that climate change is more important than the war of terror.

    And who is responsible for “watering down” the original Terrorism Bill. Wasn’t us. We didn’t vote for it. Seeing as it passed with the support of all the other parties in parliament I don’t think you can assign any blame to us. Blame Labour or National – it was their kneejerk reaction to 9/11 baby.

  15. Why no comment about the big news of the day, namely:

    “Secret surveillance of Urewera bush camp trainees reveals discussions about killing people for practice, throwing Molotov cocktails into gas-filled buildings, blowing up power stations, television networks and the Waihopai spy base….Bugged conversations recorded talk of plans for urban and rural warfare, of killing police, removing Pakeha farmers, assassinating politicians and committing actions so brutal that the public would think al Qaeda was responsible.”

    And who watered down the bill that would have prosecuted such people? Apologists for this abhorrent behavior need a reality check, and to hang their heads in shame….

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