Tune into the Greens Climate Defence Tour on TV

Missed the Climate Change Tour in Auckland or want to share what you heard with others? You can watch a 45 minute interview with Jeanette Fitzsimons with PlaNet’s Alan Marston. The topic is climate change and The Greens current campaign promoting the Climate Defence Fund.

Go to this website to watch it: http://www.pl.net/Ntv/clicla.htm Or:

Click here to view Video Stream of ‘Climate For Change’. Or click here for large screen progressive download by broadband.

In the coming weeks Jeanette and Russel will be hosting meetings in Wellington and Dunedin as part of the Climate Defence Tour. Click here to see when.

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  1. stuey said “ivans’ supposed dossier’..on/about me

    it’s actually ivans’ ‘admitted dossier’..

    by the writer/compiler..here..on frogblog..

    what is ‘the auckland 9’..?

    i find your requests for praise..on behalf of others..as somewhat ‘needy’..

    and..in your own words..

    “..I’m a shades of grey type of guy..”


    (i wonder if this ‘toned-down’ version will get past the green-censors..?

    and..for the life of me..

    i cant figure out why the earlier version has been censored..)

  2. Phul

    I hope they are censoring your posts, perhaps if you wrote in a style that did not cause ones eyes to bleed it may help your case.

    BTW…it’s all part of a conspiracy, I hope you know that.

  3. stu said:..”ivans’ supposed dossier..”

    excuse me..stuey..it’s ivans ‘admitted’ dossier..

    (admitted by him..in this forum..

    (as you well know.!.)

    sheesh..!..stuey..you really do ‘try it on’,,eh..?..)

    and wtf is ‘the auckland 9’..?

    if you are talking about those who lied/dissembled/conspired..

    to have me blacklisted by the green party..?

    why yes..!..they are lying/dissembling/conspiring scumbags..

    no doubt about that..

    but..y’see stuey..

    i don’t know their actual names..yet..

    and am still waiting/gently pushing/leaning to see the dossier..

    as is my basic right..?


    (was/is there nine of them..?..

    were you one of them..?..)

    stuey said..

    “..If you can point me to other occassions where you have offered praise about the efforts of GP activists in the past then I’ll happily be less sarcastic in the future…”

    (um..!..what sort of ‘needy’ rubbish is that..?..)

    i was forced to make that qualification by your illfounded accusations..

    and ..um..!..they are being paid to do a job..eh..?

    to get media coverage for/to promote green ideas..

    and..sorry..now that you mention it..but i don’t think they are showing much evidence of being very focussed/successful at their given tasks..

    (with the ‘tour’ debacle just the latest manifestation of that..eh..?..)

    i mean..i can already hear the ‘oh..!..it’s only the smacking-bill’ excuses for the 4% polling..

    and ok..there will be some of that..

    but am i the only one to be mildly dismayed at the seeming lack of traction the greens are getting..?

    (as i’ve already noted..)…esp at a time when ‘our’ concerns are centre stage..?

    shouldn’t those being paid to do those jobs be seriously asking themselves why the electorate is getting the green message..?

    more and more so each day..

    but that that ‘message-getting’/awareness is not tranferring through to poll support for the green party..?

    just asking..!..eh..?

    stuey said..

    “..Mainly I don’t offer an opinion on things because I never see things as black or white, I’m a shades of grey type of guy..”

    in your own words stuey..in your own words..


  4. well while I don’t want to drag up old arguments, there was the “Auckland 9” exchanges and Ivan’s supposed dossier, both occassions I thought that you did accuse GP activists of lacking integrity.

    Anyway, my comment was not that I thought that you had previously questioned the integrity of GP activists – it was that I thought that those words were the first time you have ever had something nice to say about GP activists and I thought that you being nice was worth celebrating.

    If you can point me to other occassions where you have offered praise about the efforts of GP activists in the past then I’ll happily be less sarcastic in the future.

    P.S. It’s one of the most annoying things about discussions here when people put words into my mouth and assume that I have a certain opinion about something when actually I have given no opinion at all. It’s a trait you share with BB Phil. Mainly I don’t offer an opinion on things because I never see things as black or white, I’m a shades of grey type of guy, so if I ever did comment on the climate tour it would be that some things were good and some things weren’t, I certainly would never say that it all went well just as I would never call it an unmitigated disaster.

  5. actually here’s another publicity idea – Google Adwords.

    We could have advertised on climate change and global warming keywords, only in Auckland, for the few days before the events and it would have have been pretty cheap, presumably much less cost than the ads in various suburban newspapers. The great thing about Google Adwords is that it captures people who are already interested in a subject and actively seeking further information about the subject, whereas an ad in a newspaper doesn’t.

    Since I am an Adwords Qualified Individual, I could have helped. 😉

  6. stuey said..

    “..phil U: “[I] question neither the basic integrity of green party personnel/etc…nor their work ethic..?

    wow that’s high praise indeed coming from you. Can we quote you on that later?..”

    yes..when/where have i ever said any different..?

    don’t just dissemble/infer stuey..as is your ‘ way’..eh..?

    (verifiably) quote me..plse..!

    (and i know you can’t..)

    and i never mentioned the auckland greens..

    my criticsms were/are..in this case..directed at wellington..

    for their cleary-evident failures in the planning/scheduling/promoting of this ‘tour’..

    stuey said..

    “..So, aside from the lack of a reminder post on frogblog just before the event

    ..for those with only short term memories.(!)

    .what other publicity options would you have recommended oh most-high-supreme-media-expert?..”

    ok/so stuey..i’ll ignore the personal insult..

    but i’ll take from your words..

    that..with toad..and lazygreenstaffer..

    you also thought it all went..’swimmingly-well’..eh..?

    that ‘tour’..?


    the only other option is tears..)


  7. no..toad..you have the wrong end of the stck..!..totally..!

    i wouldn’t have a clue about what is on the green party website..

    (once again..my bad..!..eh..?..)

    my blue-pencil reference was made in relation to my response to lazygreenstaffer..

    which was ‘with-held’..but now ..i see..appears..

    so toad..i gather from your ..robust..if mis-directed riposte..that you also think ‘a job well done.!.’.

    when thinking about this middle of the winter..chronically under-promoted/attended..’tour’


    (’twas expected/predicted..that/your response..



  8. phil U: “[I] question neither the basic integrity of green party personnel/etc…nor their work ethic..”

    wow that’s high praise indeed coming from you. Can we quote you on that later?

    So, aside from the lack of a reminder post on frogblog just before the event for those with only short term memories, what other publicity options would you have recommended oh most-high-supreme-media-expert?

    I’m sure some constructive criticism would be most helpful and the Auckland office staff would eagerly add your ideas to the list of publicity options.

    And Phil, you really have such a cheek slagging off the Auckland office staff for their ruffled feathers – how do you expect people to react when you agressively attack them, and offer destructive criticism rather than constructive criticism?

  9. phil u said: aahh!! i smell the blue pencil again..

    Phil – the itinerary for the North Island leg of the Climate Change tour was prominently linked from http://blog.greens.org.nz/index.php/2007/05/21/climate-defence-tour-the-north-island-starts/ to the itinerary page for the tour on the main Green website http://www.greens.org.nz/searchdocs/other10750.html.

    The only blue pencil that has been in operation here has been to delete the details for past events on the tour as they have occurred, which is why the Auckland details no longer appear there.

  10. so..lazygreenstaffer..in your books 200 in total..over three meetings..

    in auckland..

    ..is deemed a ‘raging success’..huh..?…(!)

    (i mean..i wd deem 200 at (just) one ak meeting not that much to get too excited about)


    i note that virtually all/most of your touted publicity..(save some ‘minor ‘voices..(bfm..bless em!..and triangle..(’nuff said?)..seem to be resolutely
    in-house’/preaching to the converted..


    wasn’t the object of the exercise..to speak to the unconverted..?

    how would you rate the ‘successes/numbers’ there..?..lazygreenstaffer..?

    and this is the extent of your defences/answers to the original queries..?

    of why no publicity here on frogblog..?

    and hey..!..i’m a news junkie..!..i comb the stuff for stories..every day..

    but no..i don’t include the eastern courier on my rounds..

    (my bad..!..i guess..?..eh..?

    what was i thinking..?..eh..?..)

    and the question of the timing of the tour..?..for the middle of winter..???

    and i note..lazykiwistaffer..tones of petulance/’trembling lower-lip’?.. in your choice of moniker/nome de blog..?

    and i would repeat my original observation that myself..and many others..(c.f..kiwinuke..above..)..

    question neither the basic integrity of green party personnel/etc…nor their work ethic..

    it is so much more a questionn of an effective use/focus of those energies..


    so..can i suggest you smooth down your ruffled feathers..

    and engage in a ‘real’ critique of the successes/failures of this ‘tour’..?

    and the attendant successes/failures of the publicising of said tour..?

    (y’know how it goes..eh..?..

    those who don’t learn from experience/history..

    are just doomed to repeat their mistakes..eh..?..)

    (but i really fear..that this internal critique/autopsy will not happen..

    the tone/timbre of your (flawed) defence/explanation..only confirms that assumption..)


  11. Phil, thank you for your considered input and helpful suggestions. Not.

    Regarding publicity for the Auckland events, all that us lazy, compulsive meeting-goers who don’t give a sh*t about a sustainable future did was to place ads in various suburban newspapers, email invites to Green members and non members who had indicated an interest in the topic, email invitations to NGOs, local body councillors and others, individually phone Greens in the region, email a notice and invitation to all the schools in the area, deliver leaflets in Counties Manukau and West Auckland, advise all media nationally and locally – resulting in, amongst others, a front page story in the Eastern Courier, interviews on BFM and Triangle TV, and snippets in the Western Leader & ‘Parnell Darling’, place notices in the Herald’s What’s On section, and on Triangle TV’s community notices, circulate annoucements on the Auckland Greens and Global Peace and Justice e-lists, and on the Scoop, Titirangi Tattler and Events Finder websites, insert flyers into the Green Party newsletter, place signage around West Auckland and publicise it on our website.

    Seems the message managed to get across to the nearly 200 people who attended the three meetings…

  12. yeah..!..right stu..

    nothing to see there ..eh..?

    we should all just ‘move right along!’

    everything is just a ok..!..eh..?

    wellington has ‘everything under control’..

    (is this what you are telling us..?..

    and no..!..i don’t still believe in the tooth fairy..)

    (btw..with all those ‘journalists’..

    what happened to all the/(any?) media coverage.?..)

    and um..!..i’d wager none of those ‘public meetings’ had any unconverted in attendance..eh..?

    (more a green social/catch-up..eh..?..)

    and surely..that is/was the object of the whole exercise..?..wasn’t it..?

    to teach/tell/talk to the unconverted..?

    so..on that level..

    you’d have to conclude it’s all been a resounding failure..


    an expensive exercise..achieving zip/nada/zilch..

    but hey..!..

    just carry on..!..


    and of course..stu..your final ‘spin’ on this .

    .expressing your surprise/delight at your idea of ‘a good turnout in the middle of winter’..

    only begs the question..

    why wasn’t the whole tour idea postponed to warmer times..?

    when outdoor/public ‘do’s’/events could have been held..?

    a hard/difficult question/concept..(i know..!..)

    that maybe should have been shouted out by someone/anyone..with half a brain..?..a bit earlier in the piece..eh..?

    never mind..i’m sure the internal report on the tour will be ‘glowing’..eh..?..

    everyone will be able to clse ranks..and pat each other on the back..

    btw stu..

    have you done much reading on the internal dynamics/behaviour patterns of ‘outsider’cults..?

    fascinating stuff..!


  13. Hey Phil – FYI the Climate Defense meeting held in Parnell was very well attended (70+ in audience and journalist). Apparently the others held out south and west were similarly successful.

    The Greens must have done something right if they can get good turnouts to public meetings in the middle of winter!

  14. ah well kiwinuke..

    at least they answered the second half of your one..


    they are very good at ‘drawing the veil’..after the event..

    those greens..eh..?

    every day is a ‘new’ day..eh..?


  15. Hate to agree with you Phil [just hate to that’s all :)] but there have been other missed opportunities on the CD Tour as well.

    I’m not quite as pessimistic as Phil is about what people are doing with their time but it seems to me there’s a need to set some clear priorities.

    On another note entirely I’m syurprised not to see some coverage here of this press release
    http://www.greens.org.nz/searchdocs/PR10946.html about the working party that has been set up to look at a Responsible Investment Disclosure Requirement for the Kiwisaver scheme and a link to the interviews on Morning Report about related matters.

    The ethical/sustainable/responsible investment issue is one that is gaining attention and momentum (at last) here in Aotearoa and much of that is due to Green Party pressure, research and well-aimed parliamentary questions.

    We need to keep raising the issue and getting people thinking about it because it is one way to start putting some $erious pressure on business behaviour to make them more sustainable. responsible and accountable.

    Putting a link to the RNZ interviews (morning of Thursday 21st I think) on this blog would be a useful way of getting a little more discussion and awareness of this issue.

    Phil, don’t know if you’ve linked to that on your site but maybe you should if frog’s not going to.

  16. excuse me fwwog but there some serious decisions being made now about the future economic direction of NZ, that is Winston wining now, bollard deaded fwwog, it so shame that rod donald not here to share the fun,
    yous green people have to do economy thing, and now, yous can join NAT and get fantastic green imperatives accomplished, really solid environmental work, fwwog, take this opportunity, I promise you will be pleased with the results,
    some dudes say we get $NZ=$USA, yous goota be there fwwog yous deserve it youself, for yous good work,
    peter quixote

  17. i get really p*ssed when i see opportunities like that just p*ssed up agaist the wall..

    year..after year..after year..

    in different forms..this happens..

    i mean..are these people not paid good money to (not) do what they are meant to do..?

    w.t.f. do they do they do all day..?

    if they can’t even get such basic/easy stuff sorted..?

    do you all just play ‘make-work’ down there..emails to each other ..and meetings..?..

    (..lordy lordy..!..the meetings..!..)

    and all this esp at a time when there is mainstream focus on our warnings..

    you’ll note i didn’t say ‘our ideas’..eh..?..hmmm??..)

    the greens rarely seem able to look back and learn…

    they just have the same people..making the same mistakes..

    over and over again..

    (and it’s all the same faces..and they all ‘close-ranks’ to protect each other..

    ’tis fairly nauseous to observe..)

    and i’m thinking of the big picture here..

    protecting the environment/spreading the message..

    what they are all actually meant to be doing…

    (and i guess frog just won’t answer the question..eh..?

    that’s the other tactic..they learn’t that institutional behaviour at andertons’ knee..eh..?..)


  18. Phil

    You have a point. The problem is that sometimes you need to use a blunt instrument. 😉


  19. wow frog..!..

    any particular reason you saw no reason to promote/tell us about your ‘climate-change tour’ appearance in auckland..(y’know..largest city..low green vote..etc etc )..here on frogblog..?.

    (and don’t point us to some obscure intinerary link you may have posted..ages ago..

    i’m talking about just before the actual day(s?)..

    why on earth didn’t you give it a ‘wind-up’..

    i mean..if not here..?..where..?

    aside from anything else..there is a hell of a lot of stuff going on up here..

    all the time..)

    i..for one..would have publicised/promoted it for you..had i known..

    (how was the turnout..?..as lame-arse/usual suspects as usual..?

    gee..!..wonder why..?..)

    (‘nothing to see here..just move right along..!.’..eh..?

    nothing much seems to change..in some ways..eh..?.

    and this sorta brings on flashes of deja vu..

    and once again raises the questions..?

    who is actually not doing their job properly..?

    (aren’t you a paid publicity/media person frog..?..)

    and why..once again..do we see a symptom of an organisation..that seems in no small ways..

    to be programmed for failure..

    is it so you can say.’.oh..!..we tried that..!..the ‘tour’..but nobody turned up..’.)

    you’ve got me here..shaking/scratching my head in disbelief..

    i mean..could these people organise a smoke-up in a feckin’ tinny house..?


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