Comment moderation

Frog asks all participants to respect others and be civil at all times, and as such frog has a comment moderation filter in place. This will block comments that contain offensive terms until they can be checked and approved by a moderator. The list of terms is largely composed of common swear words.

In addition frog has a spam filter in place, the popular and highly effective Akismet, without this frogblog would be unable to function, given the huge volume of comment spam and trackback spam that frog receives.

Occasionally Akismet will block a legitimate comment from a frogblog participant because they have inadvertantly used a term that Akismet considers to be commonly used in spam. Frogblog has no control over Akismet or the terms that it looks for, nor any knowledge of what those terms might be, aside from the obvious such as viagra or texas holdem poxer.

Frog understands that it is confusing when one of your comments is blocked for publication because there is no notification that this has happened. Frog also understands that it is frustrating when one of your comments is blocked, but you should be patient, most comments are approved whenever frog or the frogmaster spots them, and while we check often, we only check irregularly. Please resist the temptation to post twice, as this can lead to two copies of a comment appearing. When your comment is released, it will appear in its’ correct place in the thread.

There is no censorship on frogblog, everyone is welcome to have their say, no matter if your views are opposite to those of frog, greens or the Green Party. However frog reserves the right to edit or delete posts that are offensive or abusive in nature. Frog recommends that before posting a comment everyone take the time to reflect on what you have written and whether it may be insulting to others, or may be read the wrong way. This is also a good time to read over your comment for spelling mistakes or typos, especially in any HTML formatting, because there is no facility for you to edit your own comments after they have been posted.

Hopefully in the future the software that powers frogblog will have better notification of when a comment has been held for moderation and an edit your own posts facilitity.

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