Smilies and formatting

This page explains what options there are for formatting your posts and adding emoticons (smilies).

Frog apologises that there is no text formatting toolbar available, however you can use a number of HTML tags to format your comments. The following tags are allowed:

  • bold, <b>
  • strong, <strong>
  • italics, <i>
  • emphasis, <em>
  • strikethrough, <strike> or <del>
  • quoted text, <blockquote>
  • links, <a href=”URL”>
  • code, <code>

Email and web addresses will be automatically converted into links for you. Line breaks will be converted into line breaks, and text with a line of space between it will be converted into paragraphs.

The following tags are not allowed and will be stripped from comments:

  • u
  • big
  • br
  • hr
  • p
  • pre
  • the header tags, h1, h2, etc
  • the list tags
  • img
  • the table tags
  • div
  • span
  • font
  • sup
  • sub

Frog also apologises that there is no facility to edit your own posts, so it is recommended that you have a read through of your comment for typos before you submit it. This is also a good time to reflect on what you have written and whether it may be insulting to others, or may be read the wrong way. However if you do make a mistake that changes the meaning of your post, (e.g. forgeting to type a not), or to your HTML code (e.g. forgetting to close a bold tag or messing up a link) the frogmaster will usually correct it for you if you call attention to it.

Hopefully in the future the software that powers frogblog will have both a text formatting toolbar and an edit your own posts facilitity.


Frogblog also supports a number of standard smilies (emoticons) that you can use in your posts with a simple code. The use of these is recommended as it will help communication and prevent mis-understandings that may lead to arguments.

Very Happy 😀 :D
Smile 🙂 :)
Sad 🙁 :(
Surprised 😮 :o
Shocked 😯 :shock:
Confused 😕 :?
Cool 8) 8)
Laughing 😆 :lol:
Mad 😡 :x
Razz 😛 :P
Embarassed 😳 :oops:
Crying or Very sad 😥 :cry:
Evil or Very Mad 👿 :evil:
Twisted Evil 😈 :twisted:
Rolling Eyes 🙄 :roll:
Wink 😉 :wink: ;)
Exclamation ❗ :!:
Idea 💡 :idea:
Arrow ➡ :arrow:
Neutral 😐 :|
Mr Green :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Special Characters

You can also use any of the standard special characters such as ♣ ™ ¢ £ © ® µ ² ¼ ½ ¾ ¿ ö ä. Note that the number versions of these are most likely to work – the word versions of these are often not supported.