Keeping promises

Don’t let it ever be said that Greens don’t keep their election promises. Keith – in hindsight, quite foolishly – promised to run the streets of Epsom naked if Act’s Rodney Hide won that electorate. Keith was so confident that the Act leader couldn’t win, he was prepared to put his body on the line. The rest, of course, is history.

So, today, just a week after the result, Keith made good on his promise. He got painted up for the occasion: suitably for the posh Epsom electorate, he had a business suit painted on him. The Herald website reports:

The Greens’ Keith Locke this afternoon fulfilled his promise to walk naked along Broadway if Act’s Rodney Hide won the Epsom seat in last weekend’s election. Clad in socks, shoes a Calvin Klein g-string and body-painted to look like he was wearing a green suit, Mr Locke strutted his stuff down Broadway.

The 61-year-old’s nude dash provoked gasps and giggles from passing pedestrians, and beeps from passing cars. At the end of his walk Mr Locke thanked his supporters, but observed the spring weather in Auckland was a little chilly.

The moral of the story? If you’re going to bet your body on a particular election result, get some polling done first…

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  1. You’re welcome Katie. Do you really think that there would be enough demand (or, God forbid, supply!) for a site working the naked MP angle? 🙂

  2. PC – appreciated your blog photo’s, much better coverage than the Herald…perhaps you should work that angle 🙂

    In the spirit of other naked green events, Keith has shown panache and style (who’d have thought Calvin Klein??) and perhaps this should auger well for Auckland’s other naturist devotees, who promote World Naked Day with critical mass naked bike rides (see for more).

    It’s nice to see that sense of humour failure is over post-campaigning, well at least amongst the Greens. 😉 katie

  3. Chris and David:

    If Keith had walked down the street completely butt-naked, you would have chided him for indecent exposure and insensitivity to public morals, wouldn’t you? 😉

    Whatever the man does, he will inevitably get vilified for it.

    The point remains that Keith did in ‘in the spirit of nakedness’ if you like.

    Thanks for your cynical lack of magnanimity. 😉 You have taught us all a great deal about the Right.

  4. “ChrisBishop Says:
    September 25th, 2005 at 6:15 am

    Yet another broken promise. Disgraceful. ”

    Is that guy serrious?
    If so thats pretty pathetic

  5. He looked pretty good to me!!

    I wonder if the nit-pickers above could have done as well …

    (Congratulations Keith!)


  6. yep..he broke his promise…if he’d threatened bodypaint and a g-string we would have all issued a collective yawn…and turned away..

    naked is naked is naked…

    i’ve written of the bitter disappointment felt by peniphiles up and down the land….

    after don’t get to see a parliamentary joint that often…not since (fill in blank space) retired….


  7. No, he wasn’t naked. Thank goodness. :-)No, he wasn’t naked. And thank goodness for that. 🙂

    Curious though how the Herald decribes him as both naked and at the same time “clad in socks, shoes a Calvin Klein g-string and body-painted to look like he was wearing a green suit.” He was then both naked and, at the same time, not-naked. Perhaps a brief read of 1) a dictionary and 2) Aristotle’s Principle of Non-Contradiction could be in order for the Herald journo.

    Anyway, photos aplenty of the Green near-streak are posted on my blog for anyone with a suitable spot on their bedroom wall they need to fill. 🙂

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