Email notification

There are four email notification options on frogblog:

  • no emails
  • weekly digest emails
  • daily digest emails
  • individual posts – as soon as the post is made

When you register as a user you get to choose your email notification preferences. By default all registered users are subscribed to the daily digest, so if you want to receive emails when the posts are made, or a weekly digest, or no emails at all make sure you change the pull-down menu.


It is also possible to subscribe to email notifications by entering your email address in the email subscription box (above, or about halfway down the side column, in the tools section) and clicking the Subscribe button. People who have not registered with frogblog, (or people who have but didn’t set their email notification preferences) can use this to subscribe – you also have to confirm the email address same as with registration. The default setting with this option is the full text of posts whenever they are made.

To change your email notification preferences, click the link in the footer of every email you receive from frog. This will take you to a page where you can choose which of the four email notification options you want.