Audioblog (RSS podcasts)

iPod icon frogblog periodically broadcasts interviews with Green MPs. See the archive of all audioblog posts. You can subscribe to an RSS feed audio feed of these interviews or ‘podcasts’.

faq iconHave you got a question you’d like frog to put to a Green MPs in future audioblogs? Ask it here, or if you’re not a registered user, you can use the contact frog form.

While any RSS reader software will let you subscribe to the feed, and download the text for you, if you use podcast receiver software, (audio-enabled RSS readers, sometimes called “podcatching” software), this will also download any new audio content automatically. Some podcatching software is also able to automatically copy the audio files, or “podcasts”, to portable music players. Any digital audio player or computer with audio-playing software can play podcasts, but they are best experienced on a portable player such as an iPod, on public transport on the way to work or school every morning.

Further information and software