Is Don Brash a radical?

Certainly, Labour is going to try and convince Kiwis that Don Brash is, as John Campbell kept repeating last night, a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. If Labour can convince voters that Don Brash represents everything about the 1990s that they hated, then it will sail into a third term with whatever support flotilla it needs. As John Armstrong writes:

The more damaging label Helen Clark needs to pin on Don Brash is that he is an unreconstructed radical.

The Prime Minister believes the electorate is not looking for radical policy change at this election. However, she says radical policy change is what is on offer from National.

If the first premise is correct, then by her logic, the winning of the election lies in convincing middle-of- the-road voters of the second by reminding them of where Dr Brash’s ideological inclinations might take National once he is ensconced in office.

To that end, Labour had some success last week in hounding Dr Brash over his stance on New Zealand’s anti-nuclear policy and his refusal to declare whether he would send combat troops to Iraq.

Dr Brash’s credibility will have taken a hit, but the election will not be won on foreign policy.

Labour needs to find him out on a crunch issue of major domestic concern.

Well, there are plenty to choose from. No Right Turn had a nice little passage last week explaining where Don Brash is trying to lead New Zealand:

In the past, Brash has presented himself as a market fundamentalist, praising New Zealand’s “remarkable reforms” while arguing that they did not go far enough. In particular, he has advocated the removal of all forms of employment protection, including the minimum wage, minimum holiday entitlements, and the employment court; lamented the continued existence of the welfare state (or any sort of safety net insulating people from market forces); and argued for further privatisation and sale of state assets. He has also praised Roger Douglas’s “Blitzkrieg” method of ramming policy change through in the shortest possible time, in order to avoid and limit public opposition. In other words, he belongs to the branch of fundamentalist neo-liberalism which sees democracy as a threat to their vision of “good government”, and which believes that they, rather than we, are better placed to determine what we actually want.

So, there’s plenty to work with. National’s cunning over the past few months has been to convince voters whose economic interests would be severely damaged if National took charge of employment law to turn against Labour. Using George Bush’s strategy of concentrating on values, National is smearing Labour as PC social engineers. This is aimed at getting socially conservative, blue-collar voters to turn towards National, despite the fact that their employment policies will hammer these very voters.

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  1. how you going to work with Winston not like Wanton, Chipper??,
    he radical, he want to remove all traces of favourtism from RMA, wow, chipper, what you do with a radical straight brain like that, that crazy surely Chipper, he want to create a level playing field like Bwash, now that outrageous Chipper, this tax problem you have Chipper, you forms company with me, I do photoshop of you, then i set you up the Maori Trust, you never pays tax again chipper, i does it all the time for dudes. their kids happy, their wif happy, carbon update times chip,

  2. Hi, OliverBendix, I noticed that too especially when you post a comment, it used to refresh and show your comment, now you have to refresh/reload to see the change. Anyway I just raised it with our technical support and he first of all said “must be a user browser problem” but then he continued to look into it and then identified that our server is “setting a Cache-Control header” which is mucking up peopls’s browser caches. He has sent an email to the web server admin askin for it to be changed. So it’s not your problem, its frogblogs, and it should be sorted soon.

  3. Re: the Nats desire to repeal The Treaty requirements from legislation.

    Has any journalist tackled Dr Don on how awfully expensive it will be to repeal such a large amount of legislation? If they could get it through the house? Joy.

  4. Brash is a radical too.

    Different issues from the Greens, but radical. His tax regime is not a radical departure (as it isn’t obvious what it IS yet), but his foreign policy statements to date would make him foreign to most New Zealanders.

    Other issues like the treaty, are going to get him into deeper trouble as his policy statements have so far been divisive and disturbing, with people who are mostly following the tax issues not paying too much attention to those other things.

    Our job is to keep the spotlight on the other things.


  5. yous not going to believe this fwog, i gets home and the lazy fascists
    sitting around pretending to read the news, and handing around, wafting off Nandors and Scotch, says they wants to be RADICAL UNDECONSTRUCTED NEO- PRAGMATIC ANARCHISTS, see what you starts up, fwwog, one of thems crying saying nobody scared of his bull fox terrier with loose teeth and a full metal collar,

  6. OliverBendix

    I have run into same sort of a problem with the blog. It doesn’t seem to correctly flag the pages as changed when you’ve added comments. I have to regularly purge my cache and reload to see everything. Running Firefox on linux. I don’t have this problem elsewhere. I am not sure what the problem with the blog itself is but it’s updating “lazy”.

    Anyway, to get around it, clean out your cache and reduce its size.


  7. Joy, you correct we require socialist RMA abolished in entirety, and Phil, Doug Graham never in Centre right, he stooge, he losts his way, good grief Helengrad look like that picture? the fascists say .. yeah right,

  8. Frog, there’s something wrong: today’s posts haven’t appeared on the front page, but are visible in the archive and in the email notification. What’s up?

  9. ah fwwog,
    .. what is an “UNRECONSTRUCTED RADICAL ‘ in less than five philosophy books .. is it somethings you learn at consensus blabber,
    of course you are right fwwog.. it is a damaging label .. it makes the labeller look like a poofter

    .. also fwwog, what is a ‘FUNDAMENTALIST NEO LIBERAL” do you know what that means fwoog, does it means you go to university and we pays for it fwog, where you absorp socialist philsophy fwog, or is it just Green claptwap cwoaking,

    ..Campbell [ referring to Brash ] ‘ kept repeating ” a wolf in sheep’s clothing ” , how many times fwwog, no, not one hundred, no, not ten, no, not five fwog, you starting to hear things fwwog,

    .. also fwwog, in what way Fwog, is it a ‘threat to democracy’ for a Government elect, thats centre right Fwwog, to enact their policy?

    Maybe you too cold at night Fwwog, get miserable and mean, light up big carbon fire, fwwog, fascists come round and bring girls and guns mn things have fun fwwog,

  10. Of many concerns I have about Brash & co one particular one stands out and that is what he has been reported as saying against worker protection. The previous Nat govt who squashed worker protection were very destructive to the work force, and this Labour Govt has worked hard to turn that around, to encourage safe and healthy workplaces.

    Now I have just read a print version of his RMA plans. Wow. Back to the future anyone? Slash and burn and bulldoze? Joy.

  11. let’s not forget brash is the ‘ninth act mp”..

    ponder that for a moment..and all it means..the actite ideologues have stolen the national party of doug graham etc..the bright/wide-eyed ideologues of the right have taken over our other centreist party..and they want us to ‘give them another go’..(insert tuis’ rejoinder)..


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