Jeanette on water

Jeanette speech to the conference touched on many issues. The one into which she went into greatest depth was water. She said:

Our publicly-owned research institute NIWA tells us that 95 percent of our lowland rivers and streams do not meet water quality standards – not just for drinking, but even for swimming! That’s right – it’s no longer safe for our kids to swim in a river unless you take them way up into the mountains. Someone stole their clean water, their birthright.

Does that make you angry? It makes me angry. Angry that my new grandson will be deprived of so many things I grew up taking for granted. Angry that so little is being done to turn the tide. Angry that the media, and especially the political media, always think a few Iraqi immigrants are more dangerous to New Zealand than our water quality and who Tom Cruise is in love with this week is more important than how dirty our rivers are.

And angry that the warnings which are now over thirty-years-old have been ignored by decision-makers.

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