Turning the other cheek

United’s been having some fun attacking the Greens at its conference at the weekend. As the Dominion Post reports, the insults included “irrelevant”, “distraction”, “fringe element”, “ideological”, and “nature-worshipping”.

I could be facetious and ask why a party that considers us “irrelevant” and a “distraction” would spend so much time bagging us, but I shan’t waste my breath. I could be snide and suggest that “ideological” is only considered an insult by people without an ideological anchor, but I shan’t descend to that level. No, I shall do the only decent thing and turn the other cheek to United’s attacks.

However, what I would like to note ever-so-politely is that a key plank of the tax policy unveiled by United at the weekend is a smash and grab from the Greens’ tax policy. It has proposed to make the first $3,000 of income for every New Zealander tax-free. We have long proposed that the first $5,000 be tax-free. So, I guess we’re so distracting that we’ve distracted United into swiping our policy.

The difference, of course, is how we would pay for this tax cut. The Greens propose a suite of eco-taxes to recover the cost; that is, we’re arguing a tax shift from work and enterprise to polluting activities. United proposes to partially sell off state owned enterprises, including NZ Post, Air NZ, Landcorp, Genesis, and Meridian.

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  1. and of course that proposed selling off of state assets by united must be one of the points hammered home by the greens during this campaign..

    raising the bogey of dunne with national flogging off state assets will be a potent one..


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