Saving whales

So, Japan is proposing to start killing rare humpback whales, not off its own ample coastlines, but in Antarctica’s Ross Sea.

While our Government is saying all the right things – “outrage”, “these are our whales too”, “we oppose any plan to expand the scientific whaling programme” – what it plans to do to try and stop the whaling is unclear. There are vague noises about taking legal action and pursuing the issue through the International Whaling Commission. But whether this amounts to anything tangible is far from certain.

Jeanette has a few suggestions for more robust action: challenging the plans at the World Court is one, making it known to Japan that serious damage will be done to our two countries’ diplomatic relations and burgeoning trade talks if the plan goes ahead is another.

Jeanette and Conservation Minister Chris Carter will be debating the issue on Morning Report tomorrow. Be sure to tune in.