An early election (revisited)

Remember how, early last week, I mused about recent speculation in the blogsophere about a July election? Well, the Gallery has finally caught on and decided to start writing about the speculation. Seems the blogoshere may be the place to go to get the early gossip on the political landscape…

So, what have the wise heads in the Gallery got to say?

Vernon Small, Dominion Post: “It would be extraordinary if … the Government was prepared to look spooked into an early election.”

John Armstrong, Herald: “The Labour Party must be privately rubbing its hands together in glee at the escalating talk of an early election. The more this feverish speculation feeds on itself, the easier it will be for the Prime Minister to argue that the chatter has become such a distraction, the country’s wellbeing dictates an early date be set.”

Jonathan Milne, Herald on Sunday: “All the talk from the Beehive remains of a September visit to the polls: Saturday 10 or 17, or perhaps the 24th at the very latest. There are few other options in the preceding two months: most Saturdays are ruled out by the distraction of rugby internationals.”

Colin Espiner, Press: “At this stage, then, a September poll is probably still the most likely… But the decision is Clark’s and hers alone. And they say it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.”

Helen Bain, Sunday Star-Times: “Opposition strategists have pointed to a relatively quiet spell in the government and prime minister’s calendars in July, fuelling speculation that the election date could be brought forward. However, the government doesn’t want an election campaign to coincide with the distraction of the Lions tour between June 4 and July 9.”

So, in the end, to paraphrase Sean Fitzpatrick, rugby’ll be what wins the day…