I spend my time chewing flies around the green expanses of the Parliamentary Complex. Many people – including Green MPs, Green Parliamentary staff, and Green Party members – have my ear. I’d be horrified if anyone suggested my views represented official Green Party policy or comment, but I hope they act as a catalyst for discussion among members of public.


You don’t need to be a member of the Green Party to share your thoughts on my wonderings. All you need to do is become a registered user, which requires going through a process by which you submit a valid email address and reply to a confirmation email. I want to hear from everyone, and will only ban users from posting or edit comments under extreme circumstances. The main categories of posts that will be deleted or edited are:

  • Spam comments.
  • Comments which are defamatory or potentially defamatory.
  • Comments that attack others in a grossly offensive way. Humour and sarcasm are fine, but attacks which seek to personally denigrate others are not.
  • Comments which use extremely vulgar language.
  • Self – promotion; posting simply in order to link to one’s own blog or online content.

The main categories of behavior that could lead to someone being placed into a ‘moderation queue’ are

  • Continual trolling.
  • Repeated violations of the post guidelines above.
  • The use of more than one account per person.

I will periodically check the queue to let through posts that are fine, but I have better things to do and am quite busy.

I respect your freedom of speech, but am under no obligation to publish anything you say.


Frogblog will receive certain information about people who post comments on this site (e.g. how you got to the site, the pages you browse while here, your IP address). I’ll in all cases respect your privacy except where:

  • Police or another state agency serve me with a warrant for such information, in the conduct of a lawful investigation.
  • I wish to make sweeping generalisations about readers of this site (e.g. “Employees of United Future New Zealand are particularly fond of frogblog, reading it more avidly than people logging on from any other organisation.”)


I’m happy for you to quote my words in other forums, so long as you credit them and/or link to them, and do so fairly.


I know nothing of legal matters, and as mentioned above in the disclaimer, I do not represent official Green Party policy or comment. This site does, however, form part of the website of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, which is authorised by Jon Field, Level 2, 17 Garrett Street, Wellington. Should I fail to update this back page when the General Secretary changes, may I be instantly converted into Cuisses de Grenouille and served with a nice Marlborough wine. With me suitably sautéed, you’ll have to ask someone else who authorises this page.