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I can’t write satire, but Secret Agent ‘Lhaws’ can

July 25, 2010 NZ Green Party 4

I’m a rather boring political blogger. I like to look at the evidence, see if it supports the political spin, and comment accordingly. But it seems we have a ‘secret agent” in the Greens who can write very clever satire, at least on mining. The agent’s under cover name is “Lhaws”

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Coal and Sustainable Energy: An exciting essay topic

March 13, 2010 Kennedy Graham 21

To the CEO of Solid Energy: Dear Sir, I understand that your corporation is sponsoring an essay competition for schoolchildren in Southland, West Coast, Canterbury and Waikato. The essay, up to 1500 words, must address “The Role of Coal in Sustainable Energy Solutions for New Zealand.”

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