The Facebook campaign

by frog

I’ve just been to have a look around Facebook this morning to see how the virtual campaign is going.  The NZ Politics application has the Greens in a close race (223 votes) leading National (219 votes) and Labour (215 votes).  Peter Dunne, who once referred to the Greens as luddites, and this month said we wore hair shirts, has 6 votes on the social networking site – I guess Facebook is all too 2007 for his supporters.

National seems to be suffering from a split in its party with one page hosting 39 members and one hosting 33 members. Labour’s campaign page has a much more impressive 261 members, the Maori Party 124 and the Greens 426 supporters (as well as great link to frogblog!).  United Future will be pleased to know that this group of 672 Turkish fans is supporting them at least in name, if not in political spirit.

But the big numbers belong to personalities rather than parties.

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